Phil Shorey, a gentle soul if ever there was one, died Jan. 3. He was 60.

Though his death was a sudden and unexpected departure, he was not alone and had started a fire to warm his home after returning from a trip.

Phil was a supportive and loving father of Parker, Bethany and Miles, who worked during summers at Morning Glory Farm, and the forever loving husband of Lee. He was the beloved son in law of Chuck and Martha Schmidt of West Tisbury. He was a friend to many, animals and people alike. His kindness will be missed. Phil worked as a stonemason building chimneys, fireplaces, patios and stone walls over three states, including on Martha’s Vineyard. His brother Mark was his partner through the years in many stone projects and escapades.

Phil was easily distracted by a harrowed fields, where he would stop to find arrowheads. He enjoyed fair winds to raise his sails, designing his garden, cruising on his BMW motorcycle to pick ripe blueberries and encountering friends at a local bakery or farmers’ market.

He approached the world with intrigue and wonder. Phil will always be remembered by the warmth of our hearts.