Claudio Gasparini was born in 1957 and raised in the Friuli region of northern Italy. His father was Italian and his mother Basque. His parents met in Venezuela after their families relocated following World War II, and they married and had three children there — Claudio the youngest — before returning to Italy.

Claudio’s two loves as a youth in school were art and geography, and as a teenager he decided he wanted to explore the world. For a period of 10 years he traveled as a young man, first through Europe and then to Morocco, Madagascar, the nations of Africa, India, Thailand, Australia and British Columbia, among others. He often spoke of the great importance his world travels had to him and considered them his life’s education. He was proud of what he learned about other peoples and their languages, cultures and politics. He often remarked that although he was poor and his travels could be difficult, good and kind people always came along at the right time to assist him.

Following his travels, he worked in a Swiss vineyard for several years, where he learned the techniques of wine making. Later, he joined his sister Rossana in Venice at La Zucca Osteria.

In 1984 he was introduced to Martha’s Vineyard and it became his home for many years. In 1988, while working at The Charlotte Inn, he met his wife Jeanne, who was also employed there at a seasonal job. While living on Martha’s Vineyard, Claudio returned to creating and showing his artwork, oils on canvas that incorporated the scenes and colors of Europe and his world travels.

In 2000, Claudio and Jeanne relocated to a waterfront cottage in rural, south-central Pennsylvania, where he enjoyed the peace and serenity of nature. He particularly loved creating his artwork and was happiest in his art studio, listening to classical music. Beethoven was one of his favorite composers, and he often recalled that his father played Beethoven’s music at home.

He is survived by his wife Jeanne and his immediate family in Italy, including his mother Annamaria of Gorizia; sister Rossana, her husband Massimo and children Elio and Chiara of Venice; and his brother Diego, his wife Giulia and children Greta and Marco of Trieste.

Claudio was a big presence in many ways. His was an intense light and his family and friends were happy that it passed for a period along their paths. They shall greatly miss him.