Jeffrey Mark Miller of Tenafly, N.J. died early Christmas morning on his 62nd birthday following a sudden stroke. It was a beautiful snowy morning, his favorite.

Jeff was born and raised in New York and lived most of his adult life in New Jersey, but loved the Vineyard more than anyplace in the world. He began spending summer vacations on the Vineyard with his wife and two kids nearly 30 years ago, and dreamed of one day retiring in Chilmark and working at WMVY.

He worked as a real estate broker for several Vineyard properties (though his primary real estate practice remained in New Jersey) and was an avid year-round reader of the Vineyard Gazette.

He is survived by his wife, Ruth Sarfaty, his daughter Hannah and his son Matthew.

A memorial service to celebrate his life will be held at Tenafly Borough Hall on Jan. 7 at 3:30 p.m.

The following poem was written for Jeff by his daughter, Hannah Miller.

Moonlight in Menemsha

Perched upon a lobster crate
We breathe the salt in as we wait
We slurp up clams and watch the tide
Knowing you’d look on with pride
Eiders huddle by the dock
Now a roofless widow’s walk
Twilight beckons, blues give way
Reds begin to swallow day
The colors turn from soft to bright
‘Til sun submits to cloudless night
We know that you will not be late
That by the stars you’ll navigate
Then there you are, up in the moon
Humming folk songs out of tune
Telling tales you’ve told before
Vineyard facts and Hewlett lore
We say hello, just like you would
And then goodbye, but not for good
For you’ll come visit very soon
With Dottie in each circle moon.