Johanna Alderfer (Nan) Harris, died Jan. 22. She was 89.

A lifelong student, she learned Latin from her father, earned a bachelor of arts in English literature from Bryn Mawr in 1952 and a master of science in biology from Harvard in 1998.

Her commitments to Bryn Mawr were legendary, including running the Bryn Mawr Bookstore in Cambridge for five decades, acting as president of the alumnae association, trustee, and trustee emeritus.

She was passionate about this environment, which was reflected in her support for the Manomet Center for Conservation Science, The Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, and The Trustees and uniquely, her initiation of the environmental studies department at Bryn Mawr.

Her life was guided by love, selflessness, devotion to others, reverence for the environment and boundless commitment to her family, all informed by grace, equanimity and a quiet elegance. Charming, sought after for her companionship, a delightful storyteller, she warmed every room and enriched every gathering.

To her children and grandchildren, she was essential. For them she was everything. For her husband, she was life.

Her bright spirit, graciousness and special spark made her loved far and wide. In this way, she left this world far better than she found it.