Kay Lane Leaird died Feb. 4 on the Vineyard after battling Parksinon’s and arthritis. Before she died she took an obituary writing class; what follows is a slightly edited version of her own words. •

She finally finished telling her stories. Honestly, sometimes you felt she could go on forever. She died wishing peace and happiness to those who survived her. She was 72, three years younger than her husband John had been when he died, the week before JT and Joe got married. Gospel music played and people sang. She wanted people to dance and play with balloons if they wanted to — life was hard enough without people not knowing how to have some fun on the side. That was the key to her success — some fun on the side each day.

She was active in the Unitarian Church in Vineyard Haven. She loved the film society, plays, concerts and readings, dance and art galleries. Visual things delighted her and mysteries kept her guessing. Talking to strangers fascinated her. Her favorite activities were playing bridge, luncheon parties and traveling. If she could add photography, her day was complete.

She was proud of her girls, JT and Katie. Both worked at Camp Jabberwocky which changed all our lives by showing us that fun is necessary, possible and to be had by all.

Lives ended; other lives go on. Kay felt that with JT, Katie and the incredible grandchildren left behind, the balance was more than kept. She would be happy if you could contribute to the well-being of someone today and every day — and to have fun.

• A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, Feb. 22 at Camp Jabberwocky at 2:30 p.m.