Stephan Willits Moore died at home in Vineyard Haven on July 7. He was 60.

Stephan came into this world on a thunderbolt, which were common in Big Spring, Tex., in the summer of 1959. He left much more peacefully in a shroud of low Vineyard clouds, having died in his sleep.

His family roots on the Island extended to the founding of Harthaven. Having come to Martha’s Vineyard throughout his childhood to visit relatives, Stephan developed a deep love for the Island and became a permanent resident in his 30s, living in either Oak Bluffs or more recently, Vineyard Haven.

With an artist’s mindset, Stephan felt life with deep emotion, which was both a blessing and a curse for him. He had many tragic events befall him beginning in his late teens, and the emotions these events created were often too much for him. Self-medication and addiction found a ready place in his life but came with a heavy price: estrangement from his family and difficult relationships with others.

His family deeply felt for Stephan and the pain he suffered, but could do nothing until he recognized what he needed to do to recover. It was extremely difficult to witness.

Toward the end of his life, Stephan exhibited a hidden strength, and in his final years he gradually found recovery, most recently with assistance from Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. The hidden gem that was Stephan’s true self — kind, generous, funny and loving — came forth to the delight of all who knew him. He deeply loved his family, who warmly welcomed him back into the fold in his final year. They only wish they had more time with the healthy Stephan that had rejoined the world.

He is survived by his parents, John and Caroline Moore, three siblings, John, Matt and Kris as well as many nieces and nephews.

A memorial service will be held in the fall on the Vineyard. Donations can be made to Martha’s Vineyard Community Services.