Frank J. Errera Jr. died at his home in Baltimore on Jan. 8. He was 55.

He was born on May 26, 1965 in Washington, D.C. He graduated from Kennedy High School in Montgomery County in 1983, and later attended Montgomery College in Rockville.

Frank had many talents, but his real passion was music. He took piano lessons at a young age, but was otherwise self taught and able to play any instrument handed to him. He would spend most of his life in pursuit of writing, recording and playing original music for both his own enjoyment and for live audiences. Over the decades, Frank archived all his written music, lyrics and concepts into a collection of monumental proportions. His musical talent and theatrical performances led him to become a much-loved member of the Baltimore/Washington music scene. He was a member of several bands over the years.

His brilliant mind spent little time at rest, leading him to study and write about sports statistics, logistics and all things related to engineering and mechanics. There’s not a sport that Frank didn’t love, including bowling, for which he was a winning league competitor as a teen. He also loved to swim and became a lifeguard at a young age. He also developed an interest in auto mechanics and worked/trained at Freightliner and several other mechanic and machine shops during his life. His steady job was as a driver/courier which gave him the flexibility he needed to pursue his music career. During his work as a driver, Frank also developed a strong desire to work in transportation logistics due to the operational inefficiencies he experienced while on the job. Unfortunately, he did not have a chance to bring his ideas to market before his death.

In 2010, he married Sherry Auxier, the love of his life. As much as he loved to tour as a performer, Frank also loved the cozy comforts of being at home with Sherry. He loved Sundays with the slow-cooker doing its thing in the kitchen, having a game on the TV, and enjoying the simple pleasures of doing the Sunday crossword or picking at his guitar.

During his too-short life, Frank’s heart of gold touched the lives of those that knew him and those that were lucky enough to experience his musical and many other talents. His death has left a prominent void, and comfort comes in believing that he is now at peace.

He is survived by his loving wife Sherry; her sister Jennifer Auxier and their parents Sam Auxier Jr. and Carol; his father Frank J. Errera Sr. and his wife Wendy; sisters Mary Leggit and family, and Deborah Valentine-Errera and family; brothers David Errera and family, and Earl Errera and his children; his birth mother Virginia Coutinho of Martha’s Vineyard, and her son J. Gregory Coutinho, Frank’s half-brother. He was predeceased by his late mother, Norma J. (Donaldson) Errera, and birth father John G. Feazell. He is also survived by his lifelong friend, fellow musician and band mate Mike Draper

A celebration of life will be hosted in Baltimore in the coming weeks at a time to be determined.

Donations can be made to a charity of choice.