Terrance Patrick Cutler Grannis of Naples, Fla., died on Jan. 13. He was 37.

He was born July 5, 1985, the beloved son of Alexander B. Pete and Ainslie D. Grannis. He was the brother of Wilcox Snellings and Jason Kamprowski, and a special nephew, uncle, cousin and friend to many in New York and Naples, on Martha’s Vineyard and beyond.

Only politicians know as many people as Terrance did. He was dubbed “the mayor” by his New York friends because of his gregarious nature, memory of people’s names and stories. In turn, most people remembered him, even from chance encounters. He quickly became such a mayor among his friends in Naples, where he had lived the past few years. Unlike many politicians, Terrance genuinely connected with nearly everyone he met who would find that he was the most loyal of friends, willing to do whatever it took to help. Among his passions, he was a warrior against injustice to people and animals.

Those who knew Terrance well, or even briefly, were moved by the strength of his presence and the beauty of his soul. He is impossible to forget. He was handsome and carried well his six-foot, six-inch athletic build. His booming voice could fill a room and engaged most people. His heritage was Russian and proudly Irish; along with that came charm, humor and strength as well as conviviality. He sometimes referred to himself as a gentle giant, an image that captures what he was always balancing, seeking to integrate.

He will live on in the hearts and memories of his family and friends.

Donations can be made to the 24 Hour Club of Naples, 1509 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL 34109.