Robert M. Eisendrath died on May 6 at his home in Lexington. He was 94.

He was educated at Harvard University, Northwestern Medical School, Boston Psychoanalytic Institute and the Francis Parker School. He greatly enjoyed his patients and the practice of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, which he described as being “a professional listener.” He retired in 2005.

A gregarious and witty man, he enjoyed meeting, and occasionally offering his help to friends and relatives alike. He felt it was a privilege to be asked to help.

He fell in love with Martha’s Vineyard while visiting cousins there during his college days. He deeply enjoyed the peace and beauty of the Island.

His devoted family created a circle of loving pride around their husband, father, grandfather and cousin who has been so central to all of them. At one point he had quietly declared that he had been very lucky in his family and friends, and had lived a fulfilled life.

He is survived by Eric, his oldest son who he shared with Janet Dennis Eisendrath, his first wife to whom he was married for 14 years; his wife Jessie Meyer Eisendrath, and their children Dill August Eisendrath and twins Indigo Elizabeth Eisendrath and Remy John Eisendrath; his sons by his marriage of 52 years to Dianthe Warren Eisendrath: Noah Robert Eisendrath, his wife Rachel Perkins Eisendrath and their three sons Logan Robert Eisendrath, and twins Bodhi William Eisendrath and Gavin Luke Eisendrath; and Matthew Richard Eisendrath, his wife Patience June Eisendrath and their children Ava June Eisendrath and James Warren Eisendrath.