Frank J. Perry, Jr. died on July 7 in Dover, N.H. after a lengthy and hard-fought battle against multiple ailments. He was 83.

He was born in October 1938 in Edgartown and grew up on Dairyland Farm, which his father managed. Despite the hard work required when growing up on a farm, he greatly cherished his youth on the Island. Despite living most of his adult life in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, California and Georgia, the Island always remained his true home. A lifelong subscriber to the Vineyard Gazette, he also relied on his best friends Alfred Perry, Jeffrey Norton and Dickie Brown to ascertain the story behind the story.

In September 1949 he was sent to Boston for nearly four months of treatment for polio. He recalled lying on a table while a doctor lectured medical students, speaking as if he wasn’t even there. He predicted that Frank would likely survive but not walk again and would be incapable of leading a normal life. In that moment he decided that he would not just lead a normal life, but an exceptional one.

He returned to the Island in January 1950. He played basketball for the high school, performed in school plays, hunted, fished and worked on the farm. He started work at the A&P in 1955. He graduated from Edgartown High School as valedictorial of his class in 1957.

After high school he attended the Bryant and Stratton School in Boston. He played on its basketball team and immersed himself in “big city” life. He often told the tale of being thwarted by a rotary telephone, a device he had never seen and did not know how to use. He graduated in 1959 with highest honors, earning an associate’s degree in accounting.

He remained in Boston and met his future wife, Eleanor McGaughey. They both enjoyed seeing musical acts such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard and the Kingston Trio. They married in January of 1962.

Frank focused his career in corporate credit management, first with the United Fruit Company in Boston and then the Ludlow Corporation in 1971. When Ludlow was purchased by the firm Tyco International, he remained employed by Tyco or one of its subsidiaries for the next 45 years. He was held in high esteem for his business acumen, ability to project quarterly numbers, and constant willingness to help others. Despite only having an associate’s degree he was promoted to executive levels at a Fortune 50 firm, a level reserved for those with MBAs.

As a parent he instilled in his children that working hard and doing the right thing is reward enough, even if no one else recognizes your actions. His generosity to family, friends, and strangers was prodigious, though he went out of his way to never seek generosity from others. Most importantly, his love for his wife, family, friends and the dozens of pets through his life was limitless.

Frank was predeceased by his parents Frank J. Perry Sr. and Valentina Perry Mello, and son in law John T. Lambert Jr.

He is survived by his loving wife of 60 years Eleanor McGaughey Perry; his brother Alfred Perry and his wife Cookie Gazaille Perry; his children Elizabeth Perry, Michael Perry and his wife Erin Womeldorf Perry, Sean Perry and his wife Mara Veverbrants Perry. He is also survived by his beloved grandchildren Lydia, Ben, Aeneas and Korey Perry, and numerous nieces and nephews.

As were his wishes, no funeral will be held.

Memorial contributions can be made to your preferred SPCA or Humane Society.