Piles of bears wait to be placed.
Piles of bears wait to be placed. Ray Ewing
  • Piles of bears wait to be placed.
  • [l-r] Wendy Harman, and Win Baker started the Teddy Bear Suite tradition in Edgartown.
  • Each bear has its own name and personality.
  • Wendy Harman moving around some of the bigger bears.
  • A bag of white smaller bears waits in the hallway.
  • Wendy Harman with "Chappy" her favorite bear.
  • Win Baker adjusting some of the special bedding they brought.
  • Taking a rest before their big day.
  • [l-r] Win Baker, and Wendy Harman in their favorite place...a pile of teddy bears.
  • There's always more bears to come!
  • Wendy Harman and "Chappy."

Thursday, December 7, 2023

The 42nd Annual Christmas in Edgartown favorite, The Teddy Bear Suite, is prepared in the rooms of Faraway MV.


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