Pear trees dazzling bloom before Edgartown's Dr. Fisher house. Timothy Johnson

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The beach plum colony along Sengekontacket shows signs of primping itself for a remarkable display, the tiny goldfinch has begun to appear as an unmistakable bright yellow dot among the fresh green of tree limbs just beginning to leaf, and almost as many shops are opening their doors in the down-Island towns as daffodils are blooming. Hints and fragrances of summer abound on the soft breezes, and thoughts of Islanders turn toward Memorial Day only two weeks away, the traditional beginning of the season.

The season of vigorous town politics has now slipped past us, the season of preparing for summer is in full gallop, and all are invited to bask in the bright Vineyard sun that is the purest invitation of all.


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