Whale's tail at Old Sculpin Gallery reminds Edgartown of its whaling history. Timothy Johnson

Sunday, November 26, 2017

We know the season in our bones. In the days around Thanksgiving the wind stripped down those few leaves that were left as a valiant but futile rear-guard on the gray branches of trees, and winter coats are coming out to stay. Beaches are lonely and wind-pierced places. But no sooner was that pumpkin pie digested than lights began to appear on the streets of the village centers down-Island.

As Islanders now check off their list of gifts, they also are making sure that they are helping assure that no one goes without a holiday meal, and that no children lack a present. There's no true participation in the holidays without helping ease the burdens of others. Soon enough, the upcoming holidys will be receding into the past, and a long parade of gray and often dreary days will stretch ahead through winter. Have something warm to remember.


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