Kent Healy of Mermaid Farm welcomes new lambs to the scene. Timothy Johnson

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Spring has wobbled onto the seasonal stage with the uncertain legs of a newborn lamb. Cold snaps and snow squalls alternate with tantalizing spells of warming sun, but walkers who seize the moment and venture out in the Island's first days of April will find woolly bear caterpillars creeping underfoot and ospreys soaring overhead. It's Easter Sunday, and signs of new life are everywhere.

It's no accident that each year, we count down the last days of winter, count the hours between Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday and mark the eight days of Passover. Each spring, with its arrival, reminds us that while our miseries are bounded in time, bliss knows no such limits. Whether the central focus of our celebration is Easter, Passover or the reckless beauty of a sunstruck spring day, the text for this weekend is one and the same. We have made our appointment with this new season of life; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


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