Martha's Vineyard Museum
Mark Alan Lovewell
  • Martha's Vineyard Museum
  • Martha's Vineyard Museum is open.
  • 200 years of Island music.
  • Phil Wallis addresses attendees.
  • Phil Wallis addresses attendees.
  • Martha's Vineyard Museum building's history is in art.
  • Heath hen and other treasured stories.
  • The Gay Head Lighthouse.
  • The Marine Hospital.
  • The gift shop entrance.
  • The museum collection is extensive.
  • Fresnel Lens.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

After nearly a decade of planning, two years of construction, over $30 million raised, and the restoration of exactly 1,008 refractors on the Fresnel lens, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum is open to the public in Vineyard Haven.


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