It's all about finding a good spot at Duarte's Pond. Mark Alan Lovewell

Monday, May 7, 2018

Lines in the water at first light and hot dogs for breakfast — it must be the annual kids trout tournament, sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club. Organizer Cooper Gilkes was on hand at Duarte’s Pond to take pictures of children and their catches, each fish was measured and recorded, and at the end of the morning winners posed with their trophies.

Overall winner, largest trout
McCabe Neadow, 2 years old, 18.5-inch rainbow trout

Largest fish of any other species
First place: Shilah Trott, 10 years old, 18-inch pickerel
Second place: Grace Cesario, 6 years old, 16.375-inch pickerel
Third place: Isabella Levy, 11 years old, 16-inch pickerel

Trout winners by age

Twelve to 14 years old:
First place: Wyatt Nicholson, 12 years old, 17.25-inch rainbow trout
Second place: Riley Sylva, 14 years old, 13-inch rainbow trout
Third place: Tate Buchwald, 13 years old, 12.5-inch rainbow trout

Nine to 11 years old:
First place: Molly Sylva, 11 years old, 15.5-inch rainbow trout
Second place: Drey Thomas, 9 years old,  14.125-inch rainbow trout
Third place: Claire Proctor, 9 years old, 13.75-inch rainbow trout

Eight years old and younger:
First place: Harvey Proctor, 7 years old, 16.5-inch rainbow trout
Second place: Lilia Jones, 7 years old, 16.25-inch rainbow trout
Third place: Abby Henry, 8 years old, 15.5-inch rainbow trout


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