Moffett Race is annual end of season competition sponsored by the Holmes Hole Sailing Association. Mark Alan Lovewell

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Strong winds propelled sailors through the 43rd annual Moffett Race on Saturday.

In the race, Mo Flam bested his Alerion 28 rivals and the rest of the Moffett fleet to take first place with Penelope.

Strong steady winds over 15 knots kept everyone moving on race day.

Alan Wilson, skipper of the Stuart Knockabout Altius, was presented with the Jewett cup for 2020. Alan and Tom Wescott shared the Dan Culkin best attendance award for 2020.

Complete results from the top 16 finishers follow with corrected times:

Mo Flam, Penelope, 3:30:16; Jim Dixon, At Last, 3:32:29; Tom Wescott, Tamu, 3:33:35; Richard Armstrong, Chicane, 3:33:52; Frank Sutula, Soma Holiday, 3:34:14; Roger Becker, Gloria, 3:37:34; Nat Benjamin, Charlotte, 3:37:40; Jerry Goodale, Sienna, 3:39:44; Geoffrey Gibson, Full Circle, 3:41:37; Wendell Colson, Silhouette, 3:44:22; William Huyett, Ferien, 3:47:31; Stephen Besse, Apres, 3:52:23; Jeff Robinson, Phra Luang, 3:56:04; Peter Goodale, Stormalong II, 4:03:59; David McDonough, Trinity, 4:05:11; Michael Loberg, Masquerade, 4:10:02.

Post season racing continues for Holmes Hole sailors.



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