Much as a song grows out of the silence, the lights of Christmas are also with us again, illuminating this darkest moment in the year. It's a simple enough trick, really, but somehow it's always new. The lights speak to us from out of the darkness with a message of promise and of renewal.

December 20, 2020

In a history-making moment, director of emergency room medicine Dr. Karen Casper — who has battled the virus since March on the Island’s front lines — received the Island’s first dose of coronavirus vaccine early Thursday morning.

December 17, 2020

Santa, smiles and holiday spirit are everywhere on the Vineyard as Christmas quickly approaches.

December 16, 2020

In towns and fields, early mornings or the twinkle of twilight, on dusky dirt paths or well-heeled roads, the journey unfolds, one day at a time.

December 12, 2020

On Friday nights on Main street in Vineyard Haven the snow falls no matter what the temperature is, turning the town into a winter wonderland, courtesy some well-place snow machines.

December 12, 2020

The gift of nature has already been given, wrapped in early sunsets, the crunch of sand beneath brawny boots, trees waving hello from the horizon line.

December 5, 2020

Island elves light up Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs as the holiday season begins. 

November 30, 2020

The time of the gathering of the harvest is past, and all that remains of Thanksgiving are leftovers.

November 29, 2020

The poet Elizabeth Coatsworth wrote "The fires burn And the kettle sing, And earth sinks to rest Until next spring."

November 27, 2020

On Tuesday, the Chilmark School held their annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.

November 26, 2020

TestMV has six full-time employees, as well as devoted volunteers, many of whom have begun working shifts every day to meet soaring demand.

November 26, 2020

November brings cooler weather and the arrival of winter residents, especially waterfowl.

November 25, 2020

Photographer Bert Fischer wanders Chilmark, where ancient stone walls frame the roads, the fishing port of Menemsha keeps busy, and wide, grassy moors and farm fields run to the sea.

November 23, 2020

The limbs of trees are becoming bare, and views have opened out through woods that were impenetrable to the eye only a blink ago.

November 22, 2020

Now is the time for leisurely drives on roads where traffic is the exception, not the rule, down lanes that are deserted in the chill of deepening autumn.

November 15, 2020

Scallop season has begun, and on the Vineyard men and women turn to the ponds to gather their dinners or earn their living.

November 13, 2020