46 Caleb LLC purchased 46 Caleb Pond Road in Edgartown from Ebersol-Susan St. James Family Trust and Duncan D. Ebersol Trs. for $9,000,000 on Jan. 7.
Michael Vincent Florio and Jill Marie Florio purchased 345 North Road in Chilmark from John L. Diamond and Lucia M. Diamond for $800,000 on Nov. 25.
Bernd-Peter Morganroth purchased 75 Norton Orchard Road in Edgartown from Evelyn M. McSweeney for $1,150,000 on Dec. 23.
Old Faithful LLC purchased 34 Cow Bay Road in Edgartown from Island Gem LLC for $11,250,000 on Nov. 20.
Daniel Ross and Sharma Austin Ross purchased 22 Windy Hill Road in Oak Bluffs from Kyle S. Gatchell and Jennifer S. Gatchell for $590,000 on Dec. 10.