December 4, 2020

A thousand Christmas trees I didn’t know I had! Worth three cents more to give away than sell . . . Too bad I couldn’t lay one in a letter. I can’t help wishing I could send you one.

—Robert Frost

November 27, 2020

With incense sweet our thanks ascend; Before thy works our powers pall; Though we should strive years without end, We could not thank thee for them all.

—Paul Laurence Dunbar

November 20, 2020

My last walk in the trees has come. At dawn I must return to the trapped fields, To the obedient earth. The trees shall be reaching all the winter.

—Robert Bly

November 13, 2020

I’ve been wondering about what you mean, Standing in the spray of shadows before an ocean Abandoned for winter, silent as a barque of blond hair.

—Jim Carroll

November 6, 2020

So dull and dark are the November days. The lazy mist high up the evening curled, And now the morn quite hides in smoke and haze; The place we occupy seems all the world.

—John Clare

October 30, 2020

On the last of October When dusk is fallen Children join hands And circle round me Singing ghost songs And love to the harvest moon.

—Carl Sandburg

October 23, 2020

I stood in the disenchanted field Amid the stubble and the stones, Amazed, while a small worm lisped to me The song of my marrow-bones.

—Stanley Kunitz

October 16, 2020

The maple wears a gayer scarf, The field a scarlet gown. Lest I should be old-fashioned, I’ll put a trinket on.

—Emily Dickinson

October 9, 2020

Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box They tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe.

—John Lennon

October 2, 2020

The promises have gone, Gone, gone, and they were here just now There is the sky where they laid their fish. Soon it will be evening.

—W. S. Merwin

September 25, 2020

Cape Cod kids ain’t got no sleds They slide down the hills on codfish heads Cape Cod girls ain’t got no frills They tie their hair with codfish gills.

—Baby Gramps

September 18, 2020

Although it is a cold evening, Down by one of the fishhouses An old man sits netting, His net, In the gloaming almost invisible.

—Elizabeth Bishop

September 11, 2020

A boy and his dad on a fishing-trip — There is a glorious fellowship! Father and son and the open sky And the white clouds lazily drifting by.

—Edgar A. Guest

September 4, 2020

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.

—Helen Hunt Jackson

August 28, 2020

The wind blows Through the doors of my heart. It scatters my sheet music That climbs like waves from the piano, free of the keys.

—Deborah Digges

August 21, 2020

Warm summer sun, shine kindly here; Warm southern wind, blow softly here; Green sod above, lie light, lie light — Good night, dear heart, good night, good night.

—Mark Twain

August 14, 2020

How sociable the garden was. We ate and talked in given light. The children put their toys to grass All the warm wakeful August night.

—Thomas Gunn

August 7, 2020

Under Orion on the green-waved lawn I float, high — New moon, old craft Tide strong as ever to the sheer horizon.

—Rose Styron

July 31, 2020

The moon is at her full, and riding high, Floods the calm fields with light. The airs that hover in the summer sky Are all asleep to-night.

—William Cullen Bryant

July 24, 2020

He stood beside a cottage lone And listened to a lute, One summer’s eve, when the breeze was gone, And the nightingale was mute.

—Thomas K. Hervey