Historic Transaction: Alley’s Store is Sold
Julia Wells
The Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust formally took ownership of Alley’s General Store yesterday, ushering in the beginning of a new era for the renowned Dealers in Almost Everything in the heart of West Tisbury.
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Police Investigate Break-In at Alley's
Sydney Bender

West Tisbury police are investigating a break-in and theft that took place at Alley’s General Store sometime Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Police chief Dan Rossi said a little more than $800 in cash was stolen.

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Alley's General Store Closes and Reopens; Preservation Trust Takes Over from Tribe
Chris Burrell
Seventh and eighth graders on the Island are consuming alcohol, smoking marijuana and having sex at rates far higher than middle schoolers from two years ago.
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Alley’s General Store

Alley’s General Store

In times of yore, one humble store

Sustained our tiny town.

‘Twas not the kind where one might find

A fancy evening gown.

Instead, our needs — from nails to seeds —

Were modest as the dickens,

And Nancy Luce had little use

For lipstick on her chickens.

These wooden walls held overalls

To fit most any size;

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Alley's General Store: 150 Years Dealing in Almost Anything

Three dollars can buy one hologram postcard, 12 atomic fireballs, or three peacock feathers at Alley’s General Store.

For those willing to shell out a bit more, the dealers in almost anything can provide nearly everything: organic pet shampoo, a clam rake, a Nunchuck (used for lassoing nuns up to 15 feet), pickled ginger for sushi, or a gallon of milk.

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Alley’s Remains Unfazed by the Big Visit
Mark Alan Lovewell

Be careful asking directions to where President Obama and his family will be spending their vacation in Chilmark, especially at Alley’s General Store. The Island’s favorite store is feeling the strain in the drama of a Presidential visit.

Assistant store manager Spencer Booker said this week, “The vibe is in the air.” Already he has been asked often where the First Family is staying. “I say, ‘Down the street,’” he laughs, quickly pointing off into the air.

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