Landscape Portraits

Landscape Portraits

The West Tisbury Public Library is hosting an opening reception for artist Debby Rosenthal on Sunday, April 3, at 3 p.m. Ms. Rosenthal’s work will continue to hang in the library for the month of April.

The exhibit is entitled Art and Nature and features Ms. Rosenthal’s work with pastels. She focuses on vibrant colors to bring alive her landscapes and other aspects of nature.

How Many Island Artists? Arts Census to Find Out

Time to stand up and be counted - for the arts.

The Martha’s Vineyard Arts and Culture Collaborative is beginning a census in order to create an inventory of those involved in arts and culture on the Island. At the same time the collaborative is prospecting for ideas about what initiatives could offer the greatest benefit to the arts community of the Island.

Getting counted doesn’t hurt at all, either. Merely fill out a survey online at

Young Artists on Parade Celebrating Featherstone

Fifteen artists for fifteen years. That’s what Featherstone Center for the Arts in Oak Bluffs is planning this Spring. No word yet on whether each artist will have to tackle a certain year. And how would you represent 1997, for example, anyway? Clinton started his second term, scientists cloned Dolly the sheep, Princess Diana died in a car crash trying to evade paparazzi, the possibilities are endless.

Persephone Day Bursts Forth With Puppets, Drums, Food

Daughter of super god Zeus and the Harvest goddess Demeter, young Persephone went out for a stroll one day and, as the story goes, was suddenly abducted by Hades, god of the underworld. The earth beneath her feet literally opened up and swallowed her.

Zeus, it turns out, was a bit of a laissez-faire father. He didn’t even notice his daughter had disappeared. Mom took up the fight alone visiting a drought upon the world until her daughter was returned.

Waking Up With Coffee Sleeve Art Project

The road to Reuse, Renew, Recycle is always a good turn for the environment but often no more exciting than rinsing out the glass and plastic jars and dumping them in the blue bucket. Stomping down the cardboard boxes gives some measure of satisfaction, and a bit of exercise, but is still a solitary affair.

Leave it to Lani Carney, art teacher extraordinaire working primarily at Featherstone in Oak Bluffs, to raise the bar for all of us.

Seaworthy Art Ships Out For Manhattan Art Expo

Jeffrey Serusa, a fine art photographer and the proprietor of Seaworthy Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard, has recently been accepted for exhibition at the 2011 International Artexpo in New York city taking place March 25 to 27.

Moments in Between Meets Cultural Mix at Art Exhibit

The art of Marshall Pratt and Inas Al-soqi is now on display at the Vineyard Haven Public Library. The exhibit runs through April 1.

Mr. Pratt’s describes his photography as being about people, in particular the sort of in-between moments in everyone’s lives that may not make the headlines of one’s year but actually define one’s character indelibly.

“I capture these moments, magnify them and recontextualize them in order to evoke a feeling of ambient familiarity with the viewer,” says Mr. Pratt.

Student Art Exhibit at Featherstone Gallery

March Madness is not confined to college basketball. Featherstone Gallery in Oak Bluffs is dedicating its month of madness to the arts. In particular, the art of Island students.

The series kicks off on Sunday, March 6 with a reception for Tova Katzman, a senior at the high school. The reception is from 4 to 6 p.m. and will feature Miss Katzman’s photography including digital, darkroom and video projects. There will also be pieces on display of work she did at the Art Institute of Chicago last summer.

Dogs of Love

Dogs of Love

Chilmark Chocolates is open again just in time for Valentine’s Day. On your way to pick up sweets for your sweet, stop by the Chilmark outpost of Sovereign Bank to check out an art exhibit featuring work by Lisa Vanderhoop.

The wizard behind the Seadogs calendar, Ms. Vanderhoop will be showing and selling her work.

The major theme of the exhibit is Valentine’s cards - from a canine perspective, of course. Calendars will also be for sale at a discount.

Artful Laughter

Artful Laughter

When discussing her art, Patricia Carlet speaks clearly about what she intends.

“My art is created to evoke smiles and encourage laughter. If it captures the pleasure and irony of the everyday for the viewer, then I feel that I have succeeded as an artist.”

As cabin fever sets in on the Island, and here comes February, Ms. Carlet’s art sounds like just the antidote for all those gray, wintry days.