Nonprofit Dedicated to Neutering Feral Cats Will Close
Sara Brown

A Vineyard organization devoted to spaying and neutering feral cats will be closing its feral cat shelter at the end of the year.

Laurie Huff, the founder of Cattrap Inc., said the organization will lose its lease on a barn sheltering rescued feral cats in December. Cattrap is scrambling to find homes for some of the 15 to 20 cats, now semi-feral, who call the barn home, including Holiday, a friendly calico who was found with a distended colon; Frasier, a big black cat who lived under a porch, and Misty from Katama.

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Mishaps, Speeding on Historic Tea Lane Leave One Cat Dead and Neighbors Upset
Rachel Nava Rohr

A two-car collision on Tea Lane last week has raised questions about speeding on the single-lane, two-mile-long, unpaved historic byway that connects North and Middle Roads in Chilmark.

A pickup truck rollover in July and two pet deaths this month, possibly due to speeders on Tea Lane, have also been reported. The posted speed limit on the road is 15 miles per hour.

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Keep Your Cats Inside
Susan B. Whiting
Summer visitors are beginning to arrive. I have a few reminders for them and for locals as well. It is important to keep your cats inside. There are several bird species that nest on or very close to the ground on the Island. Ground nests containing young birds are very vulnerable to cat predation. Adults are fair game for cats as well. You say you feed your cat well and therefore they don’t hunt. Not so! Cats have a hunting instinct and no matter how full they are, they will hunt birds. And the bell you put around the cat’s neck does not effectively warn birds of cat strikes. A bit of information from the American Bird Conservancy: “Indoor cats live an average of three to seven times longer than those that are outdoors.”
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No Fan of the Farmers’ Market, Cat Named Moon Finds Way Home
Phyllis Meras

Moon, a seven-year-old Siamese cat who jumped from his owner’s truck at the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market June 23, is back home.

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