Different Kind of Erosion

To say that Featherstone Center for the Arts is a very special place is not enough to describe what it means to so many people.

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Thirteen Years, Nine Artists, One Art Center; Featherstone Creates Community
Nicholas Bradley

For 13 years, nine artists have been meeting to discuss their work and offer constructive criticism. They share a passion for art and the desire to grow as artists. And they’ve continued to grow closer over the years.

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Partnership Will Relocate Conference to Featherstone
Ivy Ashe

After concerns arose last week about noise and crowding, a leadership development conference planned for early June in Oak Bluffs will change venues. “To accommodate a much larger-than-expected group, we will relocate the conference to the Featherstone Center for the Arts,” Sean Findlen

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Generational Shift at Arts Center: Featherstone Names New Director
Lauren Martin

Featherstone Center for the Arts, the nonprofit arts campus on a hilltop in Oak Bluffs, has a new executive director, after its board appointed Ann Smith to replace Francine Kelly at its annual general meeting last Wednesday.

Ms. Kelly, who has vastly expanded Featherstone’s programs and fundraising since arriving in 2003, asked the 18-member board in August for retirement effective Labor Day. She will stay on as a consultant to plan events to promote the center’s 15th anniversary next year.

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Music Goes Mellow for Best Festival

Vineyard musical favorite Kahoots closed their appearance at Saturday’s Best Festival, held at Featherstone Center for the Arts in Oak Bluffs, by noting that they’d just finished “the mellowest set we’ve played in a long time.”

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Featherstone: Fifteen Years as a Place Where Every Islander Can Be an Artist
Remy Tumin

A deep connection with the senses is synonymous with artists, those tactile beings who crave materials in their hands. The resting of a paintbrush in the palm of a painter, the click of a shutter in the hands of a photographer, the composition of a scene, the satisfaction of capturing the perfect Vineyard light.

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