New Town
Vineyard Gazette
A new town has been added to Dukes County; the act establishing the town of Gosnold, embracing the Elizabeth Islands, heretofore a part of Chilmark, having been signed by the Governor and become a law. - Mercury.
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Community Block Grants Bring Vital Aid to Vineyard, Gosnold
Alex Elvin

More than $2 million in community development block grants have been awarded to the Island and Gosnold this year.

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Dial Phones Come to Cuttyhunk - or You Get It Alpheus
George W. Adams
Cuttyhunk now has the latest in telephone equipment. Islanders may even be listed in the directory next year, but at least one of its telephone problems isn’t yet solved. Getting ahold of town government takes a little luck and a lot of time.
A year ago, if a resident here wanted to call out, he had only to walk to the nearest of the seven pay stations, and, if that one of the two Island circuits wasn’t busy, crank the ringer handle to tell the operator in New Bedford he wanted to make a call.
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Governor's Grants Bolster Coastal Restoration on Vineyard, Gosnold
Julia Wells and Sara Brown

Funding was announced Friday for three key projects: the restoration initiative at Squibnocket Beach in Chilmark; a pilot by the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group to sow marshlands with ribbed mussels; and a project at Barges Beach on Cuttyhunk.

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Seeking a Silver Lining Among Dark Clouds
Will Monast

If you believe that Chilmark Store pizza costs more per square inch than Chilmark real estate, then it shouldn’t be hard to make the leap to the premise that inch for inch, the 75 acres that make up Penikese island have more history than any other place of its size in  the country.

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Tales from Gosnold: Two Riders Were Approaching And the Wind Began to Howl
Will Monast
It was just too hot to think last week so I just sat around with a dead brain remembering silly things, which is a lot easier than some of the other stuff I think about.
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After Large Turnout, Early Returns from Gosnold
Alison Mead, Sara Brown
The first returns from Dukes County are in: Gosnold, the seventh town in the county and smallest town in Massachusetts, narrowly voted for Barack Obama, casting 49 votes for the incumbent president and 36 votes for his challenger, Mitt Romney. In the closely-watched U.S. Senate race, it was a nearly even split with Scott Brown beating Elizabeth Warren by a single vote, 44-43.
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Town of Gosnold Lies an Ocean Apart; County Commission Visits Once a Year
James Kinsella

Thea Ruckhaus, 13, stepped onto the deck of the Arabella, tucked her violin under her chin, and began to play The African Reel.

In that moment, as the notes drifted across Cuttyhunk harbor, the world of cell phones and e-mail and computers drifted away, the centuries evaporated, and the Arabella's passengers were on a sailing vessel visiting a small island, cheered by a melody.

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Gosnold Gets Official With New Police Chief
Sam Bungey

There was no crime on Gosnold Wednesday, a day much like any other. The only difference, this time it’s official.

“No incidents whatsoever,” announced the town’s first ever police chief, George Isabel. “There is nothing to report. The one problem was the rain, but there was no police action on that.”

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