One Dragger Sinks, Another Damaged In Mishap Off Dogfish Bar
Steve Myrick

A U.S. Coast Guard investigation into the sinking of a the fishing boat Robert C. Monday afternoon off Dogfish Bar at the western end of the Vineyard, remains open and active, according to a Coast Guard spokesman The owner of the sunken vessel reportedly has decided not to salvage the 33-foot wooden boat, which went down in 40 to 50 feet of water after colliding with another fishing boat.

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Despite Concerns, Menemsha Harbor Master Reappointed
Alex Elvin
Town residents showed an outpouring of support for longtime harbor master Dennis Jason, who was reappointed on Tuesday. Mr. Jason sat calmly in the front row of the meeting room at town hall as selectmen aired their concerns.
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At Home on the Water; Making Everyone Else Feel Good, Too
Mollie Doyle

On a hazy, warm Monday morning in June, the Edgartown harbor master pulls into his parking spot adjacent to his office on Morse street in Edgartown. Charlie Blair has barely parked his battered blue Suburban before he jumps out and asks: “What kind of shape are we in?”

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Dredging Menemsha Channel Poses Risks to Pond
Dennis Jason
This is to express my concern about the proposed project of the Army Corps of Engineers to re-dredge the existing channel.
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Vineyard Inside Out: Staying Afloat as the World Sails By
CK Wolfson

Edgartown Harbor Master Charlie Blair has just brought the Pointer skiff back to the dock and, still wrapped in his life jacket, he enters his cramped office. With his big smile and bigger presence, he seems to overflow the filled-to-the-brim room.

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Oak Bluffs Looks to Get into Business of Harbor Boat Fuel
Sara Brown

Plans for a town-run fuel facility at the Oak Bluffs harbor met with some resistance at a Martha’s Vineyard Commission hearing last week, with some abutters to the potential facility questioning why the town needed to be involved, and voicing concerns that the fuel dock will lower property values and cause safety concerns.

Oak Bluffs has plans for a fuel facility at the harbor master’s shack in the Oak Bluffs harbor, with the 10,000 gallon gas tank stored under the parking lot. Boats would be able to fuel up at a floating dock between May and October.

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One Wintry Day in Busy Life of Harbor Master
Mark Alan Lovewell

Harbor master Jay Wilbur works year-round in Vineyard Haven, the Island harbor that never sleeps.

On Wednesday of this week, Mr. Wilbur took his boat out to explore, to check channel depths and look at boats still at their moorings.

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Sailing Is In, Powerboating Out, Tracking Trends on the Harbors
Mark Alan Lovewell

Recreational boat traffic in Vineyard harbors was off during the first weeks of summer, but harbor masters report that all changed last Friday, when all four harbors were suddenly full for Independence Day weekend.

“I don’t know if it is the weather, the price of gasoline and the economy,” said Dennis Jason, Chilmark harbor master. “It could be all three.”

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