Agents Seize 10 Brazilians Here While Others Hide from Raids
Mandy Locke
Ten Brazilian immigrants, said to be in violation of deportation orders, left the Island yesterday morning in handcuffs - hauled away by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents aboard a United States Coast Guard vessel.
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Brazilian Influx Reshapes Contours of Community; Impact Difficult to Gauge
Chris Burrell
Danubia Campos can remember back six or seven years ago when she knew every Brazilian on Martha's Vineyard.
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Couple Comes to Happy Ending in Cautionary Immigration Tale
Rachel Nava Rohr

After six months of waiting, $900 in application fees, one lost job offer, thousands of dollars in lost salary and untold emotional strain, a Martha's Vineyard immigration story ended happily last week. If there is a moral to the tale, it is that the Department of Homeland Security is a bureaucracy as easy to navigate as Cape Horn in a squall, and despite its reputation, the Edgartown post office is not always to blame.

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