Jawsfest Cruise

Jawsfest Cruise

Jawsfest should not be limited to land — that’s for wimps. Better to get out on the water; after all that’s where the sharks live. On Sunday, August 12, starting at 9:30 a.m. Seastreak’s 141-foot catamaran will be heading out to sea to view scenes from the movie including East Chop, Harthaven, State Beach and Big Bridge, Cow Bay, Edgartown and Cape Pogue.

Jaws Devotees Take Bite of Island in Breathless Three-Day Spree

As the small island of Amity - er, Martha's Vineyard - found out this weekend, when it comes to the movie Jaws, there are fanatics, and then there are fin-atics.

"There is no other movie I would fly hundreds of miles to go celebrate," a giddy Yvette Pryor of Augusta, Ga., said on Sunday. "It's the ultimate movie."

Movie Buffs Descend on Island for Jaws Fest

When Paul Garcia looks back at that hectic summer 31 years ago, he mostly remembers a lot of standing around, talking baseball with the lead actor and waiting to be called to the set. For Lynn Murphy, that summer meant time in the Valerie N. towing boats, barges and shark cages across Island waters. And for Hershel West it was the summer his dog Chipper won him a speaking role in one of the biggest films of all time.

Netflix Eyes Oak Bluffs for August Screening of Blockbuster Jaws

The ominous, quickening strains that can mean only one thing - the shark is near and getting nearer - are slated to fill Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs at an August 5 open-air screening of Jaws.

Netflix, a company that operates a DVD mail rental service, has applied to the Oak Bluffs Park Commission to show the movie at the park off Seaview avenue. Admission would be free. The commission was scheduled to vote on the application last night.

Jaws Author’s Widow Pleads for End to Shark Tournament

It was 35 years ago that Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws, about a great white shark that terrorizes a resort town, was first published, starting a run of 44 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and inspiring the Steven Spielberg film of the same name, filmed off the shores of Martha’s Vineyard.

This week the novelist’s widow, Wendy Benchley, made a visit to the Oak Bluffs selectmen to take aim at what has become, in recent years, a focal point in the battle over shark conservation: the annual Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament.

Jaws Returns to Show Lives Shaped by Film

The U.S. Coast Guard issued an unprecedented warning to swimmers and boaters a week ago: beware of the great white shark.

Blood in the Water, Jawsfest to Return

It’s been said that we might need a bigger Island, and in August few can argue with that. Now you can add Jawsfest: The Tribute to your August planning calendar, a special four-day series of events that will explore just about every aspect of the making of the movie Jaws. And as they did in 2005 for the first Jawsfest on the Vineyard, Jaws afficionados from around the world are expected to travel to this festival.

Once Bitten: Islanders Reveal More Jaws

Much has been said and written about the filming of Jaws and its impact in the spring and summer of 1974 on a still relatively obscure fishing and agricultural tourist redoubt seven miles off the southeast coast of Massachusetts. After Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard there is simply nothing left to be said.

Up Close With Jaws

Up Close With Jaws

Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard is making its debut trip to the wider world on Tuesday, June 21 at the West Tisbury Public Library. The project, a massive undertaking featuring an exhaustive and engaging collection of pictures and stories from the making of the movie Jaws, was created by Matt Taylor and Jim Beller. It is magnificent.

Film Villain No Real Life Terror, Jawsfest to Redeem Shark Rep.

There’s a big blue shark fin emerging, but it’s not coming from underwater. It’s a foam shark fin hat bouncing atop the head of Susan Sigel Goldsmith, producer of Jawsfest: The Tribute landing on-Island August 9 through 12.