Katama Airfield Hangar Ready for Replacement

The old hangar at Katama airfield, dating to World War II and long in a state of disrepair, is expected to be replaced after years of delays. Construction could begin before summer.

Katama Airfield Hangar Cleared for Rebuilding

After eight years of legal wrangling, Edgartown selectmen cleared the way Monday for a new aircraft hangar at the historic grass airfield at Katama.

No Injuries After Rough Landing at Katama Airpark

A single engine aircraft had a rough landing at Katama Airpark Monday. The pilot of the Piper Cherokee PA-32-26 was unhurt, but the propeller and nose of the plane were damaged. The Edgartown fire department and state police responded to the grass airfield.

Helicopters Okay to Land at Katama With Prior Permission

As Edgartown tries to go forward with plans for a new airport hangar, it is forced to confront inconsistencies with the Katama airfield helicopter policy.

New Manager Named for Katama Airfield

George F. Smith 3rd, a pilot, retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel and summer resident, was appointed by the Edgartown selectmen Monday to manage the town-owned grass airfield. Outgoing manager Mike Creato was lauded for his work and legacy at the airfield.

Katama Airfield Hangar Expansion Gets All-Clear

A long-planned project to double the size of a 1945 hangar at the airfield will go forward. Town counsel Ronald H. Rappaport told the Edgartown selectmen again Monday that the deal comes at a price.

Katama Airfield Hangar Expansion Stalls

Katama Airfield commissioners came before Edgartown selectmen again this week to press for a resolution on the proposed expansion of the hangar at the airfield.

Edgartown Reconsiders Plan to Double Katama Airfield Hangar

A complicated arrangement that will require the town of Edgartown to put additional land under a conservation restriction in exchange for expanding an old hangar at the Katama Airfield was back up for discussion this week, with the town counsel asking for further thought about the deal.

Sally Ride and Amelia Earhart Shattered Flight’s Glass Ceiling

As I sat with my family Sunday, eating blueberry pancakes under piercing blue skies at the Katama Airfield — along with dozens of others outside the small restaurant there — it occurred to me that what makes this such a popular spot is our continual fascination with air flight. In an age of routine jet travel and near-routine orbital space missions, we still get a kick out of seeing small antique planes huff and puff along the bumpy grass airstrip and pull themselves up above South Beach, and then set down only a few yards away from us.

Flight Restrictions Will Close Katama Airfield Next Week

An unprecedented set of flight restrictions for the Vineyard announced yesterday will effectively shut down Katama Airfield for the duration of the Presidential visit from August 23 to August 30, and strictly regulate air travel to and from the Martha’s Vineyard airport, according to aviation experts.

A notice to airmen of a temporary flight restriction (TRF) released online yesterday morning by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) showed far stricter regulations than those enforced under President Clinton.