Reforesting Begins On Vineyard
Over 700,000 two and three year seedlings of pine and poplar are to be planted on the State Reservation this summer. The work, which is now in progress, is being done under the state Bureau of Forestry.
The tiny trees are planted in beds at first, and then, as they grow larger and stronger, are transplanted, being placed in spots best calculated to insure rapid and healthy growth.
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The Vineyard Forest Reserve
With the latest acquisition of land by the state, the order of tak­ing of which by the Department of Conservation was published in last week’s paper, the forest reserve on Martha’s Vineyard comprises about 5000 acres. Encircling the heath hen reservation, which consists of 640 acres, this tract extends over the eastern plain lands, the least valuable of any land on the Island.
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New Superintendent Appointed for State Forest

Chris Bruno, formerly an assistant superintendent with The Trustees of Reservations, took the helm as superintendent of the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest last month.

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State Forest Superintendent Steps Down

The superintendent of the Manuel Correllus State Forest will leave this week after two years on the job. Virginia Dautreuil steps down Sept. 2.

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New Superintendent Named for State Forest

Virginia Dautreuil, 35, started training Wednesday morning for her new role as superintendent of the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest. A Connecticut native, Ms. Dautreuil is the third person and first woman to hold the post.

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State Looks to Hire Superintendent for Correllus Forest
The state conservation and recreation department is accepting applications for a superintendent following the sudden death of John J. Varkonda in late December. Mr. Varkonda was 55 and had been steward of the state forest for 26 years.
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New State Forest Designation Protects Natural Habitat

From a failed heath hen reservation to a red pine plantation gone wrong, the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest has weathered its share of management experiments.

In 2012, the forest’s plants and trees can breathe easy, as the forest recently has been designated as a state reserve by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

David Foster, Harvard University forest director and historian for the Correllus state forest, said the designation has guaranteed a better future of the forest.

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State Forest Fire Plans Raise Threat of Lawsuit To Block Clearing Work

The state's fire control plans for the 5,200-acre Manuel F. Corellus State Forest have come under attack by the scientific community and the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a watchdog organization. The advocacy group threatens possible legal action to block state forest teams from clearing hundreds of acres of woodland along strategic fire lines.

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Clearing Begins in State Forest: Critics Request Court Injunction

Work began on the fire breaks in the Manuel F. Corellus State Forest this week, with the blessing of the state attorney general but over the protests of a watchdog group which promises to seek a court injunction today.

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State Officials Invite Public Comment on Plan at Manuel F. Correllus Forest

An evolving plan to manage and restore the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest is set for its first public airing tomorrow, when state environmental officials will come to the Vineyard to discuss efforts to alleviate fire danger in the forest and to undertake the largest ecological restoration project in the history of New England.

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