Vineyard Students Honor the Meaning of Memorial Day
Chilmark, Edgartown and Tisbury schools held their annual Memorial Day march to the sea ceremonies Friday.
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Vineyard Students Honor Veterans With March to the Sea Ceremonies
Around the Island, in ceremonies that stretch back to the 1960s, students remember veterans on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend by marching from their schools to place flowers in the sea.
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Schoolchildren Mark Traditional Start to Holiday
Holly Pretsky

Schoolchildren in Edgartown, Vineyard Haven and Chilmark held march to the sea ceremonies Friday.

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Island Children March to the Sea

On Friday, May 25 children at grammar schools around the Island will take part in March to the Sea rituals.

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Children's March to the Sea Marks Annual Tradition
Chloe Reichel
Schoolchildren in Tisbury, Chilmark and Edgartown participated in the annual holiday tradition Friday of commemorating those who have been lost at sea.
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Remembrance, Ceremony Set the Pace for March to the Sea
Heather Hamacek

The after-school baton twirling club at the Edgartown School had an important task Friday afternoon: leading the school’s annual March to the Sea in honor of Memorial Day.

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March to the Sea Honors the Fallen

In an annual Memorial Day tradition, students in Chilmark, Tisbury and Edgartown will carry flowers to the sea on Friday, May 27 to commemorate Memorial Day.

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Flowers and Remembrance as Edgartown Students March to Sea
Derek Schwartz

Traffic came to a halt in Edgartown Friday afternoon as the Edgartown School took to the streets for their annual Memorial Day march to the sea.

At 1:00 p.m., the entire school followed the seventh grade class down to Memorial Wharf for a short ceremony.

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March to Sea Tradition Triumphs with Heartfelt One, Two, Three
Alexander Trowbridge

“One.” Parents leaned close and readied their cameras.

“Two.” Seventh-graders looked at each other in excited anticipation. They had waited all day for this, waited for years, watching as older students took their turns. They had led the procession from Edgartown School down Main street to Memorial Wharf, and now stood at the water’s edge, clutching a garden, ready to pay tribute to generations of fallen soldiers.

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Tisbury School March To The Sea

The students at the Tisbury School marked Memorial Day with a march to the Tisbury harbor.

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