Journalism Panel Kicks Off Book Festival Weekend
A panel of journalists from two of America’s most prominent media outlets will address a question that cuts to the heart of their profession and the health of democracy: how will journalism endure and flourish?
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Four-Day Book Festival Is a Page Turner of Events
History buffs, fiction fanatics and those itching to learn the secret history of church ladies will get more than their fill this August when the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival Summer Series returns.
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Chilmark Selectmen Delay Decision on Book Festival
Plans for the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival were put on temporary hold Tuesday, after Chilmark selectmen delayed approval of the biannual summer event until later this spring.
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Michael J. Fox Expounds on His Journey, to the Delight of Fans
The renowned actor and longtime Vineyard seasonal resident, who has been living with Parkinson’s disease for nearly half his life, spoke about his new book before overflow crowd at an online winter event hosted by the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival Thursday night.
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For Michael J. Fox, Nothing Easy About Looking on the Bright Side
John H. Kennedy
Lying on his kitchen floor, alone and unable to get up, Michael J. Fox discovered that his characteristic optimism had reached its limit.
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Book Festival Goes Off-Season With Michael J. Fox
In its first winter event, the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival will present a virtual interview on Thursday, Feb. 25 featuring award-winning actor, author and advocate Michael J. Fox.
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Author, Author Everywhere at the Martha's Vineyard Book Festival
Caroline Kaplan
The three-day festival began with laughter at the Performing Arts Center for a sold-out conversation between Seth Meyers and Chelsea Handler.
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A 180-Degree Turn: When the Reporter Becomes the Story
Will Sennott
As a journalist, Jim Acosta wants you to know that he never wanted to make himself the story.
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A Voice for the People Sounds an Alarm
Steve Donoghue
It is estimated that roughly 250 million people are living in countries where they were not born.
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Letting the Words Lead, a Writer Follows the Threads of Love and Grief
Holly Pretsky
Sigrid Nunez did not expect her seventh novel to have as its protagonist a writer living in New York.
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