Like an Old Friend, Diane Rehm Leads from the Heart

Radio host Diane Rehm was welcomed Thursday by a sold-out crowd in Chilmark. She discussed her new book, her radio show and stepping away from the microphone at the end of the year.

By Following the Money, Author Tells a Dark Tale

Jane Mayer is not afraid of the dark. She’s reported first-hand on terrorism in Beirut and traced a high-pressure pipeline of hidden money aimed at swamping the American political system. Most recently, in the New Yorker, she’s turned her gaze on Donald Trump.

Looking at Housing Instability in America

Matthew Desmond’s book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, illustrates how eviction is not only a condition but a cause of poverty. Mr. Desmond spoke in Chilmark Sunday evening.

Author Lecture Series Begins on Right Chord

This year’s Martha's Vineyard Author Lecture Series will feature seven authors, with Geraldine Brooks kicking off the series next Thursday with a discussion about her novel The Secret Chord.

Read All About It: Sixth Annual Book Festival Is Big Draw for Authors and Readers

The Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival celebrated its return to the Island for the sixth time this weekend. The festival featured a wide range of writers talking about their craft with eager readers who filled tents on the grounds of the Chilmark Community Center and a room at the Harbor View Hotel.

A Communion of Dictators Binds Fascism and the Catholic Church

Benito Mussolini is long gone, but the institution that helped bring him and keep him in power may not be, according to a new Pulitzer Prize winning book by historian and Brown University professor David Kertzer.

Authors and Panels That Inform and Provoke Define Book Festival

Author Ta-Nehisi Coates headlines a sold-out public discussion Friday that explores the idea of a post-racial America. The discussion kicks off the Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival, which runs Saturday and Sunday in Edgartown and Chilmark.

Making Fast Dinners Without a Fuss; It's the Holy Grail for Every Family

What’s for dinner? That’s the question the four Pollan family women kept finding themselves asking one another. The Pollan Family Table, written by Corky Pollan and her daughters Lori, Tracy and Dana, was the answer.

By Digging Up the Whole Story, Writer Honors the Death of His Roommate

The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, released last year to wide acclaim, is Mr. Hobbs’s memorial to his Yale roommate Robert Peace's life, telling the story from birth to death in obsessive detail and a clear, heartfelt narrative.

To Make History a Page Turner, Stay Curious

Erik Larson’s advice to those who want to write? “Work as a cop on the side,” he told the Gazette in a recent interview. “Immersing yourself in life is the best thing for writing.” The author did not take his own advice, though.