Parade, Ceremony Mark Solemn Memorial Day Observance
Derek Schwartz

Veterans, law enforcement officials, Coast Guard members and Boy Scouts marched to the beat of a drum and patriotic music during the annual Memorial Day parade Monday. Plus happy birthday wishes were in order for veterans agent Jo Ann Murphy.

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Flowers and Remembrance as Edgartown Students March to Sea
Derek Schwartz

Traffic came to a halt in Edgartown Friday afternoon as the Edgartown School took to the streets for their annual Memorial Day march to the sea.

At 1:00 p.m., the entire school followed the seventh grade class down to Memorial Wharf for a short ceremony.

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Parading Around

There was never a fairer Memorial Day than Monday when Vineyard Haven stirred to music now martial, now solemn on the clear air, and stood with bared head to do reverence to veterans of old wars and of new.

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Memorial Day Opens Season and Hearts
Derek Schwartz

Traditions will be kept this Memorial Day weekend as the Vineyard honors veterans and celebrates the coming summer. As in years past, events begin Friday with students at the Tisbury and Edgartown schools marching to the sea to lay flowers in the water.

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Memorial Day Parade, Ceremony Honors Nation's Fallen
Felipe Cabrera

Veterans, active service people and ordinary citizens gathered in Vineyard Haven on Memorial Day to remember those who dedicated their lives to a sacred purpose.

Wesley R. Winston, an army veteran of the Viet Nam era, read the names of fallen comrades. Four families received gold stars, a tradition that dates back to the First World War when mothers of fallen soldiers began calling themselves gold star mothers.

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Memorial Day 2013

Seen in West Tisbury this week: a steady flow of pickup trucks in and out of the parking lot by Alley’s General Store driven by landscapers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians. Fueled by coffee and breakfast sandwiches, iPhones pressed against their ears, Island tradesmen were on the move. There were windows to hang, screens to repair, painting touchups to do once the May sunshine burned through the fog, seaside gardens waiting for a top coat of compost.

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Memorial Day Weekend Marks Traditional Start for the Summer

Memorial Day Weekend Marks Traditional Start for the Summer Season


The handwritten sign taped to the window of the Martha's
Vineyard Gourmet Cafe and Bakery in Oak Bluffs says it all: "Rain,
rain, go away! Come back in October. We beg you!"

That about sums up this week on the Vineyard, but Island residents
fear not: Memorial Day weekend is upon us. The start to summer 2005 is

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March to Sea Tradition Triumphs with Heartfelt One, Two, Three
Alexander Trowbridge

“One.” Parents leaned close and readied their cameras.

“Two.” Seventh-graders looked at each other in excited anticipation. They had waited all day for this, waited for years, watching as older students took their turns. They had led the procession from Edgartown School down Main street to Memorial Wharf, and now stood at the water’s edge, clutching a garden, ready to pay tribute to generations of fallen soldiers.

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