Selectmen Consider Gate for Waterfowl at Mill Pond

West Tisbury animal control officer Joan Jenkinson told selectmen Wednesday that the birds on Mill Pond leave the pond too often, threatening their safety.

Residents Find Common Ground at Mill Brook Watershed Forum

A spirit of collaboration prevailed Monday evening at a forum that begins a yearlong study of the Mill Brook watershed. The 3,700-acre watershed includes the historic, much-discussed Mill Pond near the center of town.

Public Forums Begin Over Mill Pond Study

The iconic and much-debated pond comes back into the spotlight this week as the town prepares to begin a one-year watershed study. A series of public forums begins tonight in the West Tisbury Library.

What Would Wildlife Say About the Mill Pond?

There are certainly times where removing a dam is biologically sound and the right thing to do, but it’s totally irrelevant at the Mill Pond site. We need that beautiful pond as it is.

Mill Pond Memories

I remember driving to church from Chilmark to Vineyard Haven with my family when I was a young boy and one of my favorite highlights was driving by the Mill Pond.

Life of the Pond

Now that you have focused us on the brooks and their ponds, let’s keep going and do our best to make the whole system work for all the creatures involved including the people.

No to Action, Yes to Information

Much has been said and written about the West Tisbury Mill Pond in the last decade, as a small group of residents has relentlessly sought money to dredge the pond.

Maintain the Mill Pond

The residents of West Tisbury will be meeting on April 8 to vote on an array of articles applicable to CPC-approved funding for critical initiatives in our town.

Debate Over Mill Pond Continues to Preoccupy West Tisbury

The bucolic pond that graces the entrance to town has been the source of long-running disagreement over environmental management methods. At the annual town meeting next week voters will again consider dredging and a watershed study.

Mill Pond Debate, Decision

At West Tisbury’s annual town meeting on Tuesday, April 8, at the West Tisbury School gym, there will be a warrant article asking the town to vote to use $30,000 of Community Preservation Act funds for design and permitting costs to dredge the Mill Pond.