Here Come the Bonito
Mark Alan Lovewell

Atlantic bonito are here. After rumblings over the last two weeks, reports are coming in that the summer’s fastest swimmers have entered Island waters. We’ve heard that Atlantic bonito, which usually reside in warmer waters, have been taken at The Hooter, a buoy that marks Muskeget Channel.

Capt. Porky Francis of Edgartown said he also is hearing reports that bonito are being taken at Hedge Fence, a shoal that is off Oak Bluffs.

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Pro-Shark Concert: Music With a Bite
Holly Nadler

The battle lines have been drawn.

For some years now the town of Oak Bluffs has hosted an annual Monster Shark Tournament during a weekend in July. The event is well attended by both fishermen and spectators. But it is also protested regularly.

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Shark Expert Says Tournament Essentially Catch-and-Release
Sara Brown

The annual Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament was back on the hot seat Tuesday, with a state shark biologist giving selectmen a scientific point of view of the tournament, which he said data now shows is largely catch-and-release. Though a local group has petitioned for changes to tournament regulations, the board declined to take any action.

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