Like It or Not, Shark Tournament Is a Spectacle

Some came to revel in a summer weekend on the harbor, and others jostled for a prime spot to see the action. Some happened upon the hubbub, curious to see what all the fuss was about, and a few came to protest.

The word of the day was sharks: it was shouted when people saw a boat coming in with a telltale fin or tail, and T-shirts, hats, balloons and stuffed animals bore the image of the fish.

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Pro-Shark Concert: Music With a Bite

The battle lines have been drawn.

For some years now the town of Oak Bluffs has hosted an annual Monster Shark Tournament during a weekend in July. The event is well attended by both fishermen and spectators. But it is also protested regularly.

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Shark Expert Says Tournament Essentially Catch-and-Release

The annual Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament was back on the hot seat Tuesday, with a state shark biologist giving selectmen a scientific point of view of the tournament, which he said data now shows is largely catch-and-release. Though a local group has petitioned for changes to tournament regulations, the board declined to take any action.

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