Boards of Health, Hospital Reconcile Numbers on Coronavirus Cases; Nantucket Reports First Death
Noah Asimow

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 on the Island held steady Monday, after case reporting discrepancies among the hospital, boards of health and state led to a one-case overcount.

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Traveling from Nantucket to the Vineyard, One Stroke at a Time
Will Sennott
Doug McConnell entered the water off Nantucket at 7:17 a.m. today to begin his swim to the Vineyard. At 2 p.m. he was just off Wasque. Track his progress at
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Famed Nantucket Football Coach Vito Capizzo Dies at 78
Sara Brown

Legendary Nantucket football coach Vito Capizzo, who led the Whalers in decades of Island Cup rivalry games against the Vineyard, died May 17. He was 78.

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Cape Wind Pulls Out of Nantucket Sound Wind Farm Project
Bill Eville
Cape Wind has officially pulled out of its bid to develop a wind farm in Nantucket Sound, bringing an end to the controversial project.
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Math Error Involving Nantucket Hospital Causes Ripple Effect Through State
Alex Elvin

A recent math error by consultants for Partners HealthCare has shed light on how the 19-bed Nantucket Cottage Hospital has increased hospital wage reimbursements throughout the state.

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After 18 Years on the Market, Buyer Finally Found for Nantucket
Myles Pease

GREAT HARBOR—Thomas Mayhew, owner of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, finally found a buyer for the smaller island, he announced today in Great Harbor. The buyers, led by one Thomas Macy, paid two bushels of corn and a yam.

"I really thought it would fetch a better price," said Mr. Mayhew. "But when they asked me why they should pay more, I really could not come up with a good reason."

"But they seemed so earnest and hopeful that I threw in a football and a yardstick so they'd have something to do when they got over there," he added.


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Nantucket Lighthouse Move Offers Lessons for Aquinnah
Remy Tumin

Members of a town committee charged with organizing the move of the Gay Head Light learned this week that they are not alone in their plight during a presentation about a project to move the Sankaty Head Light on Nantucket six years ago.

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Governor's Task Force Hears Nantucket Plea to Protect SSA Services
Julia Wells

NANTUCKET - - The people of Nantucket had their crack at the podium this week, turning out more than 150 strong to urge a special governor's ferry task force to protect the Steamship Authority and their lifeline.

"The rate-payers of the Islands are not responsible for reviving the economy of New Bedford. Folks, the Steamship Authority is not an entitlement program," declared Steve Tornovish, a member of the SSA financial advisory board from Nantucket.

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Nantucket Leads Way on Waste Recycling
Mandy Locke
On any summer day a few years ago, a light breeze could carry a thick stench miles from the peak of the overgrown Madaket landfill. Today, to a viewer atop the grassy mound three stories high, only a few pieces of lingering debris around the perimeter recall the 22-acre landfill so noxious that the state forced its capping in 1999.
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For Another Island, Affordable Housing Seems a Virtually Impossible Hurdle
Mandy Locke

NANTUCKET - Walter Beinecke's name is spoken with a sense of awe and an undercurrent of resentment. He's the fellow, people here will tell you, who in the 1960s awoke this sleepy little island. He's the entrepreneur, who, owning much of Nantucket's downtown and practically all of the working harborfront - jammed with more fishing vessels than tourists in those days, did the math. He figured the place could benefit more from 100 people spending $100 each than 1,000 people buying a $10 T-shirt.

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