With Sale of Building, Noepe Literary Center Closes a Vibrant Chapter
Steve Myrick
The Noepe Center for Literary Arts in Edgartown will not reopen this spring because of the impending sale of the former Point Way Inn that has served as its headquarters for the past 10 years.
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Giving Voice and Cojones to the Immigrant Experience
Bill Eville
Junot Diaz burst onto the literary scene in 1996 with the publication of Drown. In 2007 he won the Pulitzer Prize for his second book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. And on Thursday, July 30, he will read at the Noepe Center for Literary Arts in Edgartown.
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A Writer's Life Needs Quiet and Community
Megan Cerullo
A group of writers recently landed on Martha’s Vineyard to commit the remainder of May to honing their craft. Nine writers will live together and work on their poems, novels and other writing projects for two weeks as part of the Noepe Center for Literary Arts writer’s residency program.
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Noepe's Night of Words and Music
An evening of poetry, libation and dance is planned at the Noepe Center for the Literary Arts on Upper Main street in Edgartown for Wednesday, July 2.
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Young Adult Book Launch
Local author Lara O’Brien’s debut fiction novel Chelsea and the Spirit of Grace will be available at online book retailers in both print and e-book formats beginning Dec. 1.
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First Book Party at Noepe

It has been a busy year for West Tisbury poet laureate Justen Ahren. Recently he opened the Noepe Center for Literary Arts, a creative refuge on the Island to foster writing through the gift of time and solitude. He also just completed his first book of poetry, A Strange Catechism. He will give a reading at the Noepe Center, 104 Main street, Edgartown on Tuesday, August 6 at 7 p.m.

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Noepe Center Welcomes Author Jennifer Clements

Author Jennifer Clement is guest speaker as part of a series sponsored by the Noepe Center for Literary Arts this Wednesday, July 24. Her new novel, Prayers for the Stolen, is set in Mexico and was inspired by the interviews she did with young women who were survivors of trafficking by the drug cartels.

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Noepe Center for Literary Arts: A Still Place for Flowing Creativity
Olivia Hull
In the Wampanoag language, the word “noepe” means, according to one interpretation, a still place among the currents. The Wampanoag people gave the name Noepe to this Island to indicate that it was a piece of dry land among opposing tidal currents.

In downtown Edgartown, a still place exists at the intersection of three roads. It is a refuge of sorts, which has for years provided shelter and peace of mind to visiting artists.

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Talking Dance in Edgartown With World Choreographer Institute
Remy Tumin

This past weekend the World Choreography Institute arrived in Edgartown to have a conversation about dance. On the final day of the think tank, dance masters and interested Islanders sat on couches and pillows on the floor in the living room of the Noepe Center for Literary Arts, formerly the Point Way Inn. They were dissecting a recording of George Balanchine’s ballet, Jewels, in particular the second movement of the piece, known as Rubies.

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A Room of Their Own, Vineyard Retreats Helps Writers Develop
Holly Nadler

They come from all over the country, staying for one or two weeks or up to a full month. They explore Edgartown from their home base at the former Point Way Inn. Some of them work in their rooms, others find a nesting spot in one of the many elegant downstairs parlors. For dinner they might bring home scallops from the Net Result, ingredients for a pasta Siciliana, and share the meal pot-luck style in the formal dining room, which is two stories high and lit up like a stage set.

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