I wrote about hawks once before when they were nesting and feeding their fledglings.
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Death by Pandemic

Lonely rectangles
Squeeze our souls
Stacked one on top of another
Slid into moveable vessels
Stationary now

Filled with us
The new interstate cargo
Rooted to this spot
No place to go

Or left to sit at the altar
Replace pews of worship
For logs of sorrow

We hear your tears
Drift silently
Through shields that
Did not protect us
May not protect you

But wear them
For life
For hope
That you do not
Become us

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Fan Ogilvie
For Platt, my brother.
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Six More Weeks of Heresy
Arnie Reisman
Groundhog Day, a day without reason.
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Philip Weinstein
We were unprepared for the pain of this last Leave-taking.
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I Can't Be Quiet
Steve Ewing
I can’t be quiet when all around me are making noise.
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The Thrill Will Return
Fan Ogilvie
If I should die before I wake, Show me the paths I love to take.
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Sharing a Meal
Harry Seymour
Unlike so many Thanksgivings before, a meal my family won’t share, emotion is felt so much more.
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A Thanksgiving-time Moment
Arnie Reisman
Outside a turkey pecks at my lawn. Inside I peck at my keyboard
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An Abecedarian to Fall
Arnie Reisman
Autumn’s back, courting dreams.
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