Finally You Don't Come
Finally You Don’t Come / Your return is temporary — just a few days / Or less.
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Happy Birthday Mr. President
The significance of age 60 / Is to be young again / Without the weight of youth / So it is with Barack Obama.
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Esther, Fugitive Slave
Known simply as Esther / A runaway slave in 1743 / Sought to be free / By riding the “freedom train” / Where fantasy meets reality / Of a Harriet Tubman dream.
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Beside the Tiasquam
The Tiasquam snakes across the flats / like a student’s handwriting, / curving and back tracking, in no great hurry.
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Bike Riding With Sylvia Plath
She would have remembered today’s blue sky / from summers at the Vineyard Sailing Camp / where she learned about tacking and heeling / and coming about on the calm or choppy / waters of the Lagoon.
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Juneteenth and Father’s Day

Juneteenth and Father’s Day
Third week of June
A double celebration
Of fathers we know
And those liberated
Over a hundred years ago
On Juneteenth
Marking the end of slavery
When men were encouraged
To breed
And not be fathers
In the paternal sense
Of nurturing a child
A form of fatherhood
Not to be celebrated
But remembered
On Juneteenth
As inspirational for all
Denied reciprocal love
Between father and child

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What Flies
The Black Skimmer working its way / close to shore — too close / for the Red Knots that arrived / last night from Argentina.
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Wonders of pollination / Bees buzzing to songs / Hummingbirds sing / In harmony / To the percussion / Of butterfly wings
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O Say Can You See
What is there about Martha’s Vineyard / That urged a friend of mine from Lebanon / To say, “I don’t want to die without seeing / Martha’s Vineyard.”
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He stepped into / big shoes / and filled them well / Sean walked in them / until they fit / his own feet.
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