Justen Ahren Steps Up as Vineyard's New Poet Laureate
Louisa Hufstader
The former poet laureate of West Tisbury, Justen Ahren, stepped into his Island-wide laureate role with an April 30 reception at the West Tisbury Free Public Library.
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Justen Ahren Is New Martha's Vineyard Poet Laureate

Justen Ahren of West Tisbury has been selected as the 2017-2019 Poet Laureate of Martha’s Vineyard.

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Sustained by the Poetry of Real Life
Louisa Hufstader
When Mary Stewart Hammond’s poem The Big Fish Story was published in The New Yorker 10 years ago, her husband “was so mortified,” she said, “He went down to the Stop & Shop (and) bought every copy so his friends wouldn’t see it.”
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Following the Language to Open Up New Roads
Heather Hamacek
Fan Ogilvie has a new book out called Easinesses Found. In addition to poems, her artwork fills the pages. An opening reception for her artwork will be held Jan. 9 from 4 to 5 p.m. at the West Tisbury Library. A poetry reading will be held on Jan. 23.
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Wit and Wisdom Make Good Bedfellows
Alex Floyd

After a year away, Billy Collins returned to the Featherstone Center for the Arts on Tuesday evening to a hero’s welcome.

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Waiting for Words to Whisper in the Dark
Arnie Reisman
At a recent event at the Katharine Cornell Theatre I was crowned Martha’s Vineyard poet laureate, succeeding Lee McCormack. I was given a two-year term, a plastic laurel wreath and a toga.
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National Book Award Nominee Lets the Music Lead the Words
Bill Eville
Fanny Howe, whose latest book of poetry, Second Childhood, was nominated for the National Book Award, suggests that readers not try to understand her poems but rather just listen to the music of the words and images. Her collection centers around "the convergence between old age and childhood."
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Gay Head Light
Warren Woessner

Gay Head Light

In Memoriam: Todd Follansbee

Nothing gay this gray morning.
The salt-sprayed trees

and bushes bend over
like scared students,
tested by a towering teacher —

all brick, iron and glaring
glass — missing nothing.

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The Pull-By
Francie Camper
I have learned a new word, a noun, the pull-by.
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Bass Fishing At Squibnocket

I stand as the black water

Of each wave’s backwash

Hugs my hip boots

Making little stars of light

The fish-filled night.

Early on I was hoping for a strike

Of some huge striped bass to fight,

But now, to hell with fishing,

I would rather stand here casting.

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