High School Science Fair Points to a Bright Future

Island scientists young and old converged at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School on Saturday to hear student presentations at the 25th annual science and engineering fair.

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Ingenuity on Display at High School Science Fair

At the intersection of passion and scientific rigor, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students astounded judges and spectators alike with project presentations at the 24th annual Science and Engineering fair.

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Regional High School Science Fair Students Put Environment First

A total of 16 students entered the 23rd annual science fair at the regional high school with numerous projects focusing on ways to help protect the environment.

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Rocket Science to Dinosaur DNA Propel Science Fair
Will Sennott

The 21st annual regional high school science fair was held Saturday, with both local and far-reaching conclusions.

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Regional High School Revs Up for Science Fair

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School will present its 21st annual Science and Engineering Fair on Feb. 7 and 8 at the high school cafeteria.

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From Healthy Pop-Tarts to Bacteria in Space, High School Science Fair Delivers
Landry Harlan

The regional high school science fair consisted of thirty-six projects that were reviewed by a group of 30 judges, including professional scientists and engineers from the community.

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Science Fair Is Testament to Ingenuity, Optimism
Holly Pretsky

Curtis Fisher won the grand prize at the regional high school's science fair on Saturday. More than 60 students presented their projects at the fair.

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Figure Skates to Shellfish, High Schoolers Shine at Science Fair
Heather Hamacek

Projects on display at the 17th annual science fair Saturday explored everything from the amount of baking soda in cupcakes to a recycled water filtration system.

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Science Fair Winners Harness Power of Waves and Mind
Ivy Ashe

After the regional high school science fair had ended on Saturday afternoon, two youngsters approached sophomore Eli Hanschka, who had just taken home the event’s top prize, grand overall winner, for his engineering entry, Wave Energy: Harnessing the Power of Waves.

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Winners Listed from 9th Annual Science Fair

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School is proud to announce its 9th annual science fair winners:

Grand Winners of the Science Fair Dr. James Porter Award

First Place: Naomi Scott, Fruit Fly Don’t Bother Me — Study of Non-Organic and Organic Fruits’ Effect on Drosophila Melanogaster.

Second Place: Caitlyn Francis, How Much Mercury Is Really in a Can of Starkist Chunk White and Chunk Light Tuna.

Third Place: Shaelah Huntington, Plant Growth and Oil Pollution.

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