Delays Expected at Roundabout
Olivia Hull

Traffic delays are expected at the Roundabout in Oak Bluffs this week, as the White Brothers-Lynch Corporation paving company sets down the final coats of asphalt on the central intersection. Work began Monday, and is expected to conclude sometime Thursday, said Richie Combra, highway superintendent.

The construction contract states that the traffic delays not exceed five minutes.

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After Years of Planning, Roundabout Now a Reality
Sara Brown

After years of anticipation and debate, the first cars made their way through the Oak Bluffs roundabout this week.

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Roundabout Construction Yields to Traffic Jams
Sara Brown

In early April, without any fanfare, the Vineyard lost its only traffic signal.

With the installation of a roundabout now about two weeks away, the two blinking lights at the intersection of Barnes Road and Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road were taken away to the Oak Bluffs highway department, their lights dimmed for the foreseeable future.

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Roundabout Could Be Completed by May
Remy Tumin
Trees are ready to come down, property markers have been staked and utilities are being prepared for relocation at the blinker intersection in Oak Bluffs, with all signs pointing to one direction: the roundabout project is set to begin.

Massachusetts department of transportation spokesman Michael Verseckes said this week selective trees in the area will soon be cleared in order to relocate underground wiring and make way for impending construction. If all goes according to plan, Mr. Verseckes said, the state-funded project could be completed as early as May.

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Roundabout Stays on Course
Sara Brown

The Oak Bluffs selectmen took a significant step toward construction of the controversial blinker section roundabout on Monday morning, signing documents for temporary easements to take some small parcels of land bordering the road by eminent domain.

Construction on the state-funded $1.5 million traffic improvement project is expected to begin in October.

Highway superintendent Richard Combra told the selectmen yesterday that the town would spend about $12,150 from Chapter 90 funds to pay for the easements, prompting selectman Gail Barmakian to balk.

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Roundabout Appeal Begins in Court

West Tisbury and Edgartown this week took the Martha’s Vineyard Commission to court seeking to block the roundabout project that has become a lightning rod over periodic traffic congestion at the center of the Island.

In their lawsuit filed in Dukes County superior court on Wednesday, the two towns seek to invalidate the commission’s Oct. 6 decision – which was affirmed on Nov. 3 — and force a more thorough review of the proposed project planned for the blinker intersection of Edgartown-Vineyard Haven and Barnes Roads.

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Roundabout Way to Love Vineyard
Craig Witaker

If you see one bark beetle and you are an entomolo gist, you know immediately you’ve got big problems. Those beetles can eat an entire forest.

I’ve long thought that we are making a mess of Island roads — a widening here, a widening there and the Island rural character slowly dribbles away. I’ve looked diligently to see whether these changes were just products of inattention or a real contagion bent on making Martha’s Vineyard look more like everywhere else.

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Round Again on the Roundabout
Peter Brannen

Plans to build a roundabout at the blinker intersection in Oak Bluffs are back on the front burner, and on Wednesday this week representatives from the Massachusetts Highway Department and the engineering and construction firm Greenman Pedersen Inc. made their case, saying it will save lives, improve traffic and even cut down on emissions. Just don’t call it a rotary, they said.

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News Update: Friday, June 8 - Martha's Vineyard Commission Will Revisit Roundabout
Sara Brown

In the wake of the overwhelming votes this spring in five Island towns against the controversial roundabout project, a longtime member of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission has called for the regional planning agency to revisit its own position on the plan.

At the end of the MVC meeting Thursday night, Leonard Jason Jr. announced his intention to request a new vote on the controversial roundabout planned for the blinker intersection in Oak Bluffs.

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Roundabout Debate Reminds Us that Resources are at Stake
Nancy Phillips

There comes a time when you cannot be silent anymore and this is it. Like many people on the Island, I would like to live in a place with clean air, clean water, a flourishing natural environment and amiable neighbors who have a respect for each other and for the heritage of the place. As a proud citizen of the United States and the town of Oak Bluffs, I believe these are my basic rights. So when these rights are threatened for myself and others, I must speak up. I am standing up for the roundabout. What follows are my reasons.

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