Vineyard Youth Make Large Splash at Scholastic Art Awards
Katie Ruppel
In Brendan Coogan’s classroom at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, student Amy Fligor daintily painted her nails; all fifty of them. “We have a pot, like a deep fryer that we melt wax in,” Amy said. “I stuck my fingers in the wax . . . Now I’m trying to make the fingernails a little more pink.” Amy is one of 33 Martha’s Vineyard Regional High school students who received an award at the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards competition. Her waxed fingers holding a cup described by her as “holding the world in the palm of your hand,” received an honorable mention.
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Student Expressions Sweep Awards
Remy Tumin

What inspires the eye behind the camera? A friend climbing in and out of tree limbs, a close-up portrait of a fellow classmate, or perhaps it is the reflection of teenaged friends playing dress-up in an attic. For Chris Baer’s photography students at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, it doesn’t matter if they take a picture digitally or with film, it’s about having a good eye and good ideas.

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Young Island Artists Win Prestigious Awards
Sara Brown

Ten Island high school students have been awarded top prizes in the Boston Globe’s 2012 Scholastic Art Awards for work ranging from a ceramic pot with a snake on it to a photo of bare feet in the rain.

The winning works, including ceramics, glass, drawings and photography, were selected from 14,000 entries, with less than 5 per cent winning the top honor, a Gold Key. Nine Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students won Gold Keys, as did one Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School student.

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