Lost and Found: Stray Seal Pup Finds Safe Route Home

Thanks to Tisbury police officers on the midnight shift, a lost seal is back in the water — despite a quick detour under a police car.

Prey, Predator Doesn't Equal Cause, Effect

On the surface it seems like a simple and straightforward equation: more seals equals more great white sharks. The connection, however, is likely far more complicated.

Tennis, Anyone? Seal Pup Visits Yacht Club

A wayward juvenile gray seal made its way into Edgartown last Friday, spotted in a number of places on or near Fuller street. At one point the seal was in front of the Edgartown Yacht Club tennis courts off Pease’s Point Way. Traffic was diverted by volunteers. With assistance, the seal made its way back to the sea.

David Grunden, shellfish constable from Oak Bluffs, is also a marine mammal stranding coordinator for the Vineyard. Mr. Grunden received a call from the New England Aquarium on Friday morning that there was a seal in Edgartown.

Aquarium Verifies Visiting Pinniped as Harp Seal

Last Wednesday evening Kathy Cerick and her family were walking on Lobsterville Beach near Dogfish Bar when they spotted a seal. It did not move when they approached it, so they took photographs and called the police who called the New England Aquarium. Ms. Cerick later received a call from the Aquarium asking her to forward the photographs. The Aquarium then responded that the seal was a harp seal. Ms. Cerick was asked to check on the seal again the next day, which she did, but the seal was gone.