Tea Lane Associates Goes Global

Island real estate brokerage firm Tea Lane Associates is aiming to expand its reach in the global luxury market by partnering with Forbes’s Global Properties, a network of international brokers.

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Dana Place Sold
Vineyard Gazette

The Lester H. Dana place, with its beautiful contemporary house on the summit of Manter’s Hill, off Tea Lane, and fifty-five acres of land, has been sold by Mrs. Dana to Mrs. Julia Green Sturges of New York.

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Friends Turn Out to Honor Eleanor Pearlson
Mark Alan Lovewell
Eleanor Pearlson had plenty to celebrate last weekend. After work on Friday, her friends, colleagues put on a 40th anniversary party for her real estate business, Tea Lane Associates on State Road in West Tisbury. 
Adding to the festivity, they also took the opportunity to honor her 86th birthday, which was this past Saturday.
There was birthday cake. There were presents. There was wine and hors d’oeuvres.
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Tea Lane Associates: Fifty Years of Women Leading the Way
Heather Hamacek

Tea Lane Associates began 50 years ago with force and chutzpah. With Eleanor D. Pearlson and Julia Green Sturges at the helm it was a potent combination.

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