Creativity Blooms When You Love Your Work
Krishana Collins is sculpting bouquets in her flower studio. She wears knee-high, green rain boots and moves quickly down a row of three wooden tables standing end to end. Her face is set in a serious expression but she smiles easily, scrunching her nose and shaking her brown curls. She holds up a black knight scabiosa and looks down at the dark burgundy petals.
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Everything's Coming up Dahlias For Tea Lane's Flower Farmer

Her flower studio looks more like a temporary movie or stage set than a place of business. Filled with silver vases, vintage glass bottles, ribbons and buckets of fall blooms — among them stunning red, magenta and saffron-colored dahlias — this is the front office for Krishana Collins, flower farmer. The building is an old farm structure that looks like a miniature house, with aging shingles weathered white trim and casement windows, and one long side wall completely chopped off.

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Ink Dries on New Tea Lane Farm Chapter

With bouquets all around, the ownership of historic Tea Lane Farm in Chilmark was formally handed to flower farmer Krishana Collins this week.

Ms. Collins attended the selectmen’s meeting Tuesday to sign a long-term lease with the town for the farmhouse.

“Let’s make it happen,” said selectman Warren Doty. “Let’s give her the keys and let’s have her own the farm.”

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Architect Hired for Tea Lane Farmhouse

The Tea Lane Farm building committee has selected a draftsman to help with the plan for restoring the historic farmhouse in Chilmark. Committee members Leonard Jason, Dick Smith and Chilmark selectman Frank Fenner agreed to engage the services of Elise Elliston, a Chilmark resident, last week.

The goal is to have a final plan for renovating the farmhouse ready for the annual town meeting in April.

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West Dock Plans Meet Approval, As Tea Lane Farm Study Begins

The Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard and state officials have approved preliminary plans for the new West Dock in Menemsha. Engineer Kent Healy and a draftsman are finalizing bid specifications for the project to rebuild the car-way destroyed in the July 12 fire.

Chilmark executive secretary Tim Carroll told the selectmen at their meeting Tuesday if everything stays on schedule, construction should be complete by May 1, at which point electricians can install power cables with the aim of completing their work by June.

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Plan for Tea Lane Farm Shifts Toward Long-Term Lease, As-Is

The future of Tea Lane Farm took a different course this week as Chilmark selectmen reviewed preliminary plans to lease the property as a farm as-is instead of spending money to restore it.

Under the new proposal, the town would lease the historic farmhouse for up to 99 years, using a resident homesite model similar to the Middle Line Road affordable housing project. The farmer tenant would be responsible for a long list of improvements that would be spelled out in the lease.

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Counsel Urges Town To Consider Leasing Tea Lane Farmhouse


Chilmark selectmen are now considering a new plan for leasing out the town-owned house at Tea Lane Farm.

On Tuesday town counsel Ronald H. Rappaport outlined three options for the town — sell the property, issue a short-term or a long-term lease.

Selectmen are considering the next steps after voters rejected a third plan to restore and renovate the 18th century farmhouse for $550,000 at a special town meeting last month.

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Chilmark Looks to Plan C for Tea Lane Farm House

Chilmark selectmen are now rethinking the future of the house at Tea Lane Farm after voters rejected a second plan at a special town meeting on Monday. The plan would have have renovated the 18th century house at a cost of $550,000 to prepare it for leasing to a tenant farmer.

With little discussion voters defeated the article by indefinite postponement.

Former town treasurer Judy Jardin led the move.

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News Update: Friday, May 4 - Flower Farmer Krishana Collins Awarded Tea Lane Farm Lease

After two years of planning and proposals, Tea Lane Farm has a new tenant farmer.

Krishana Collins was awarded the Tea Lane Farm lease Friday evening. The vote was 5-3.

The joint vote was taken between the board of selectmen and the town Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission advisory board. The vote was between two candidates, Ms. Collins and Rusty Gordon and Sarah Crittenden, who proposed a vegetable farm.

Ms. Collins plans to grow lilies, zinnias, bok choy and salad greens.

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Who Will Take Over Tea Lane Farm? Decision Is Set for Today

Tea Lane Farm could soon be home to pick-your-own strawberries or fields of thousands of lilies and zinnias. Finalists for tenant farmer of the historic 18th century farm presented their plans to the Chilmark selectmen this week.

The three finalists — Rusty Gordon and Sarah Crittenden, Krishana Collins and Allen Healy — were interviewed at a joint meeting between the selectmen and Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank town advisory board on Tuesday night.

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