Tivoli Day Arrives in Oak Bluffs

Tivoli Day marks the beginning of a slower pace on the Vineyard, but it does it in energetic style. Circuit avenue is closed to cars, and foot traffic of all kinds takes over.

Brisk Business, Dancing in the Street at Tivoli Day

Tivoli Day, the pedestrian-only street fair that is an annual event in Oak Bluffs for more than three decades, was declared a success this year, well attended by both vendors and visitors. People of all ages enjoyed end-of-summer sales, food and music.

Tivoli Day is a Big, Old-Fashioned Festival in Oak Bluffs

The annual Tivoli Day celebration, which has been going on for over three decades, returns on Saturday, Sept. 13.

Tivoli Day Is Coming

Save the date for Tivoli Day, arriving in Oak Bluffs for the 36th year on Saturday, Sept. 14. The celebration of summer’s end, or the beginning of the shoulder season, is from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and takes place all along Circuit avenue, which is closed to traffic for the event.

Tivoli Day Plays to Sunny Side of Street

Tivoli Day was about shopping and strolling and talking and eating and shopping and eating. People couldn't avoid the shopping and the eating. How could they when neon pink signs screamed from the sidewalk about $4 T-shirts and $10 sweatshirts, when the smell of hot dogs and fried foods dogged them from one end of Circuit avenue to the other. Everyone seemed to have a bag over one arm and a grease-stained cardboard food box in hand.

Tivoli Day Sends Off Summer Season With Circuit Avenue Party and Parade

Tomorrow calls for an all-Island end of summer celebration and Oak Bluffs is the host.

Organizers of the 30th annual Tivoli Day want the rest of the Island to know their party belongs to the whole Island. Nothing better would please Dennis daRosa and Bob Glover than to see their friends from around the Vineyard turn out for the events planned.

In addition to the street fair on Circuit avenue, there is a parade, an antique bicycle performance and serious and not-so-serious kite flying at Ocean Park.

Tiptoe Through Circuit Avenue on Tivoli Day

Tomorrow the 31st annual Tivoli Day festivities begin and Oak Bluffs will be the center of the Island for at least a day.

“I don’t want to call it a fair, but in Oak Bluffs it is a fair. People can come out from across the Island, have a lunch and stroll the streets,” said Dennis DaRosa, president of the Oak Bluffs Association and owner of Martha’s Vineyard Printing.

Free of Cars, Circuit Avenue Comes Alive

Free of Cars, Circuit Avenue Comes Alive

Circuit avenue is closed to automobiles and the street swells with live music, fresh food, various vendors and endless delights this Saturday, Sept. 19, from noon to 8 p.m., for the 32nd Annual Tivoli Day. The celebration is meant to be a thank-you from Oak Bluffs business owners to the public, for their cooperation and friendliness during the busy summer season.

Tivoli Day is Saturday in Oak Bluffs; Festival Atmosphere Takes Over Circuit avenue

Tivoli Day is tomorrow. Sept. 17 from 9 to 6 p.m. in downtown Oak Bluffs. Circuit avenue becomes a walkway throughout the festival and plays host to music, outdoor dining, arts, a climbing wall, mini horse rides, raffles, and summer specials. Essentially, it showcases Oak Bluffs at its very best, with just the right amount of shoulder season elbow room.