Not Off-Broadway, on to Broadway
Jonah Lipsky

From the streetfront, the Vineyard Arts Project appears to be another large house on Main street. There is no hint that past its picket fence is unfolding, in turn: life on the Texas-Mexico border; family drama at a racially-charged estate; and people singing and dancing about the financial crisis.

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Art of Human Experience Takes Many Forms
Remy Tumin

Artists communicate in different forms. But whether the message is through visual or performing art, it always comes back to the essence of the human experience.

Two groups have been in residence for the past two weeks at the Vineyard Arts Project, working to highlight both the dark and exhilarating sides of the human experience. This weekend they go public with their work.

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Vineyard Arts Project to Open the Curtain on New Plays this weekend

Since August 16 six newly graduated acting students from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London along with playwrights David Simpatico and Saviana Stanescu, and director, Nona Sheppard, have been in residence at the Vineyard Arts Project, located at 215 Upper Main street in Edgartown. The company has been working on a selection of new plays and on Friday, August 26, and Sunday, August 28, both shows at 6 p.m., the results of their residency will be on display.

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Embracing Island Time, Vineyard Arts Project Is Oasis of Creativity
Olivia Hull

Bekah Brunstetter was feeling lackluster about her play last week. She had already completed a first draft, but there were still kinks to work out.

“I told her to go have a lobster roll with it or something,” said Brooke Hardman Ditchfield, the co-founder and producer of New Writers, New Plays, a part of the Vineyard Arts Project. “She sent me a picture of herself with her open notebook at the Edgartown lighthouse that said, ‘We’re in love again.’”

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