Having Whale of a Time at Work, Brothers Made Wearing a Tie Fun

Shep and Ian Murray sat in a pair of white Adirondack chairs on the front stone patio of Vineyard Vines in Edgartown. Both were barefoot. A pair of Crocs, blue for Shep, gray for Ian, sat next to the chairs. They wore khaki shorts and blue-accented shirts, a polo for Shep, untucked button-down for Ian. They looked like any other pair of brothers on the Island in August.

Kudos to Vineyard Vines

On behalf of both the Tisbury and the Edgartown School eighth grade classes I would like to thank Vineyard Vines of Edgartown for hosting their Shop for a Cause events. On two separate days Vineyard Vines offered shoppers a discount, while giving a portion of their sales to each eighth grade class, respectively. Vineyard Vines offered food, fun and holiday cheer to shoppers while helping Island youth realize their dreams of a trip to Washington, D.C. in the spring.

What Tie to Choose? Try Classic Obama By Vineyard Vines

Predicitify, an online feature at the inaugurally feverish Washington Post, can’t yet guess what color tie President Obama will be wearing when he drops the hyphen-elect from his job title (bets favor solid blue). But Washington lawyer and longtime seasonal Islander Cara Grayer Johnson can predict exactly what her husband and father will be wearing around their necks when they hand over tickets to attend the inauguration Tuesday: her own designs.

Vineyard Vines Spread

Vineyard Vines Spread

A second Island Vineyard Vines retail store is opening, adding an Oak Bluffs location to its Edgartown location. The new store, at 56 Narragansett avenue, will have complete offerings for men, women and children along with some exclusive Vineyard and Oak Bluffs-specific apparel. Ian Murray, chief executive and cofounder with his brother, Shep, said, “We hope Islanders and visitors alike will come ... and we’re optimistic for a great season for everyone on the Vineyard.”

Clothes Horses: Vineyard Vines Is Official Derby Style

Already put away your royal wedding hat? Well, no matter, because tomorrow when the greatest two minutes in sports occurs at that annual sporting event which is simultaneously a fashion event — that is, the Kentucky Derby — Vineyard style is officially part of it: Vineyard Vines has been exclusively named as the “official style of the Kentucky Derby.”

Brothers Shep and Ian Murray, chief executives and cofounders of Vineyard Vines, have a multiyear licensing partnership with Churchill Downs Racetrack, where the Derby is run.