Herring, Mackerel Return for Season

There is a lot more to cheer about on the waterfront this spring when it comes to recreational fishing than a year ago. The fish are here and the list of species is long.

Atlantic mackerel showed up in April. This is a fish we call precious today, although decades ago it was a common spring fish.

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Strength in Weakness

We might be in the midst of a weak recovery. With some luck, anglers might come across a school of weakfish running, or more likely swimming, at the surface of Island waters. Such a discovery would be an exciting occurrence and really great news.

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Once a Derby Prize, Weakfish Now Need Protection of Ban

Weakfish, also known as squeteague, were once common in this region, so popular a sport fish that up until 1987, they were part of the annual fall Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. Then they disappeared from these waters. They were removed from the derby after not one was caught in 1987.

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Donald Lynch Lands Rare Weakfish

A rare weakfish was caught last Saturday night by a local angler. Donald Lynch, 43, of Vineyard Haven, said he was entirely surprised by the catch. The fish was caught from the beach at the Lagoon Pond drawbridge. “On the very first cast I hooked up a fish and when I landed it, I discovered it was a 24-and-a-half-inch, three-plus pound weakfish,” Mr. Lynch said.

He said the last time he caught a weakfish was 25 years ago.

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