Year in Weather: Big Blizzards, Sunny Summer
Steve Myrick
Hot enough for you? The quintessential New England weather cliche is usually reserved for July, or August, not December, with church bells ringing carols, flip-flops observed and people hanging out on the Island Home’s weather deck.
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Top 10 Stories from Martha's Vineyard for 2014
Here are the 10 stories from Martha's Vineyard that received the most traffic on during 2014.
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History Arrived Under Full Sail to Light Up 2014
Julia Wells
It snowed as if it would never stop snowing. A resort economy sputtered back to life. History came alive and sailed down the Sound into Vineyard Haven harbor. These were a few benchmarks of the year.
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2013: As Year Ends, Future Beckons
Sara Brown
It was a year punctuated by visits from a president and right whales, the arrival of a roundabout and a reality television crew. Pieces of the past were restored and given new life while other parts of the Island changed irrevocably.
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2012: Looking Back to Look Ahead
Remy Tumin
After the years following the recession that began in 2008, when the Vineyard as well as the nation remained mired in day-to-day survival, 2012 felt like a shift in a new direction. There was a slight uptick in economic optimism and a move toward planning for the future. Questions of character and big house debates revealed that the main topic was no longer unemployment and how to make ends meet, although these issues still remain, but how Vineyarders define themselves and their community.
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Year 2001 Leaves Vineyard with an Uneven Record of Loss and Deep Division
Julia Wells

When campers from the Vineyard's own Camp Jabberwocky went on an unusual tour in Canada this year, their slogan was a single question that was at once jocular and earnest. "How's your news?" they inquired in on-the-street interviews with everyday people.

As the year 2001 comes to a close, it is perhaps an apt question for the Vineyard: How's our news?

This is how it was:

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Blizzards and Tax Trials, Victorious Vineyarders; Looking Back on 2005
James Kinsella

The blizzard, the worst snowstorm in decades, came roaring across the water, burying Martha's Vineyard under more than two feet of snow.

Starting Saturday, Jan. 22, the storm raged throughout the following day. Winds hit 70 miles per hour, creating white-out conditions, rendering roads impassable, and essentially cutting off the Vineyard from the mainland. Schools remained closed for the following week.

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Year 2006 Comes to End with Sanguine Outlook for Island of the Future
Ian Fein
Fed up with petty internal politics, Dukes County voters this fall decided to take another look at the structure of their regional government. Hoping to prevent another divisive land use dispute, town and tribal leaders in Aquinnah spent months negotiating a potential peace accord. And with a solid financial footing, Martha's Vineyard Hospital trustees closed the year by securing approval for a new state of the art facility.
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The Year 2010 Told a Story of Two Vineyards
Mike Seccombe

In her summation of the Martha’s Vineyard economy, presented to an audience of Island businesswomen in November, Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce executive director Nancy Gardella labeled herself an optimist. For certain sectors, she said, things were going well. Very well.

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